Chin Liposuction Gone Wrong: Steps to Take and How to Avoid

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A woman's face undergoes a needle piercing during chin liposuction, highlighting the importance of taking appropriate steps and avoiding mishaps.

Chin liposuction is a common facial rejuvenation procedure that removes fat to enhance the chin and neck area. 

For most patients, it successfully reduces the appearance of a double chin and creates a more sculpted facial profile. However, in some rare cases, disappointing outcomes and complications can occur after chin liposuction. 

Here we will discuss potential reasons the procedure may not go as planned, signs of problems, steps for patients to take, and how proper surgeon selection like Dr. Darren Smith MD can help avoid adverse events.

Why Chin Liposuction May Have Unsuccessful Results

While a skilled surgeon will take all necessary precautions, patients should be aware of factors that may contribute to chin liposuction not meeting expectations:

Underlying health conditions – Bleeding risks, diabetes, medications, and other factors may interfere with recovery.

Surgical error – If errors occur during the procedure due to negligence, it can lead to poor outcomes.

Failure to follow aftercare guidelines – Not adhering to post-op instructions can negatively impact healing.

Unrealistic expectations – If patients expect more dramatic improvements than are realistically achievable, they may be disappointed.

Inherent surgical risks – Even when properly executed, any surgery carries risks like infection or scarring.

Choosing an Experienced, Reputable Surgeon Matters

The best way to avoid complications and maximize your chances of successful chin liposuction is to carefully select a surgeon with proper credentials and extensive experience with facial procedures

Be sure your surgeon:

  • Is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, indicating proper training.
  • Has years of proven experience performing chin and neck liposuction specifically.
  • Operates in an accredited surgical facility.
  • Has zero history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions.
  • Has many positive online patient reviews and before/after photos you can evaluate.

Reputable surgeons like Dr. Darren Smith also provides in-depth preoperative consultations to set appropriate expectations and comprehensive postoperative care instructions to support optimal healing.

Signs of Problems with Chin Liposuction Results

a doctor checks the patient's skin anatomy

There are certain signs that may indicate a patient’s chin liposuction procedure did not go as planned. These include:

Asymmetry or irregular contours – The chin area may look very uneven or have unusual bulges.

Excessive swelling/bruising – Ongoing severe swelling and bruising beyond 2-3 weeks may signal problems.

Skin damage – Burns, skin loss, or necrosis indicates injury to tissues.

Persistent pain/numbness – Unrelenting discomfort or odd sensations long after surgery can happen.

Scarring issues – Thick, raised scars that are slow to fade may form.

Infection – Redness, heat, pus, and foul odors at incision sites requires urgent treatment.

Overall dissatisfaction – Just feeling the visual results are not an improvement or make facial features look worse.

Consequences of Failed Chin Liposuction

When chin liposuction is unsuccessful, patients must deal with consequences such as:

Need for revision procedures – Additional surgeries may be required in an attempt to improve results.

Permanent skin changes – Damage like scarring can be permanent reminders.

Nerve injury – Weakness of facial expressions due to nerve trauma.

Financial costs – Revision procedures, treatments for complications all have expenses.

Emotional impacts – Depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia are common after a bad outcome.

Steps to Take After Bad Chin Liposuction Results

If you have undergone chin liposuction that you feel did not meet your expectations or resulted in complications, take these steps:

Communicate with your surgeon – Bring up any concerns promptly so they can be addressed.

Get a second opinion – Have another board-certified plastic surgeon assess what occurred.

Follow proper aftercare – Even if revisions are likely needed, follow post-op protocols to support healing.

Consider legal action – If negligence caused your complications, consult a medical malpractice attorney.

Seek emotional support – Connect with others who have had similar experiences and understand what you are going through.

Options for Revision Surgery After Failed Chin Lipo

Depending on the specific problems that occurred, revision options may include:

  • Additional liposuction – To improve irregular contours or asymmetry.
  • Fat grafting – To correct depressions or dents with transferred fat.
  • Skin tightening – To address loose neck skin using lasers, ultrasound, etc.
  • Scar revision – To minimize visible scarring from incision sites.

Legal Considerations After Botched Chin Liposuction

If unacceptable results are due to the surgeon breaching the standard of care, patients may consider:

  • Malpractice lawsuit – If negligence caused injury or damages, the surgeon may be liable.
  • Reporting to state medical board – Unethical or unsafe practices should be investigated.
  • Consulting a medical malpractice lawyer – They can advise if you have grounds for a case based on your situation and location’s laws.

Ways to Prevent Complications From Chin Liposuction

While risks can never be fully avoided with any surgery, you can take measures to minimize chances of chin lipo problems:

  • Stop smoking/vaping – Nicotine impedes circulation needed for proper healing.
  • Carefully follow pre and postoperative protocols – This supports the best possible outcome.
  • Clearly communicate with your surgeon – Voice any concerns promptly. Ask questions.
  • Have realistic expectations – Understand the potential limitations so you are not disappointed.
  • Educating Patients on Risks of Chin Liposuction

At our practice, Dr. Smith ensures every chin liposuction patient understands:

Potential complications – Scarring, nerve injury, asymmetry, contour irregularities.

Likely outcomes – What average results typically look like.

Importance of following all instructions before and especially after surgery.

Clear communication with their surgeon. This allows patients to make fully informed decisions and have appropriate expectations.

Why Proper Surgeon Selection Matters

To avoid complications and increase the chances of successful chin liposuction, it is critical to select a plastic surgeon with proper credentials and extensive experience like Dr. Darren Smith MD. 

As a board-certified NYC plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of successful chin and neck liposculpture procedures, Dr. Smith provides patients with meticulous, tailored care for optimal, beautiful outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Liposuction

Is chin liposuction an outpatient cosmetic surgery procedure?

Yes, chin liposuction is typically performed as an outpatient procedure at a surgery center or hospital without an overnight stay. Most patients can go home the same day to recover with proper supervision.

How long is the recovery and healing process after chin liposuction?

While back to normal routines in about a week, full healing takes several weeks. Swelling may persist for 2-3 months. Compression garments are worn for the first month during the healing process.

Will neck lift surgery also tighten loose skin in the upper neck?

A neck lift better addresses loose neck skin. Chin liposuction primarily removes fatty tissue under the chin. However, some mild skin retraction occurs after submental liposuction.

What can I expect in terms of discomfort after chin fat removal?

There may be slight discomfort, swelling, and soreness for several days, managed with medication. Most discomfort subsides within the first week of recovery.

Are there non-surgical options to remove chin fat?

While alternative fat reduction treatments like Kybella exist, liposuction is the gold standard for removing fat under the chin and contouring the area. Non-surgical options may not achieve the same level of enhancement.


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While most patients are highly satisfied with their chin liposuction results, some may experience disappointing outcomes or even complications from this facial rejuvenation procedure. 

Reasons for poor results, signs of trouble, steps to take, and ways to prevent problems have been outlined. 

Choosing a supremely qualified surgeon like Dr. Darren Smith MD provides the greatest chance for safe, effective chin liposuction with beautiful, natural looking results.