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Facetite & Accutite



Recovery: 48 hours

Price Range: $2500-$5000

NYC FaceTite and AccuTite

With modern aesthetic technology, tighter, firmer more youthful skin can be achieved without long incisions or major surgery. FaceTite and AccuTite are revolutionary, high-performing skin-tightening treatments that are less painful to experience than other skin-tightening treatments and are rapidly becoming the gold standard in minimally-invasive anti-aging technology.

FaceTite and AccuTite: Minimally invasive skin rejuvenation

The appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, creases, and sagging skin is not usually a welcome change. As the skin ages, reducing the quantity of natural collagen and elastin, it slowly loses its firm, supple quality. Maintaining youthful skin can be difficult, even if you consistently apply the most effective creams and custom serums. For a dramatic increase in skin tone and quality, FaceTite and AccuTite treatments produce results that you can see and feel.

Based on the same technology as BodyTite, FaceTite was developed to tighten the skin and enhance the contour of intermediate-sized areas like the jawline and neck. Similarly, the AccuTite system uses this technology to improve the appearance of the smallest areas requiring the greatest level of precision, like the brow, midface, and jowls

How do FaceTite and AccuTite work?

Fresh, youthful, firm skin has a high concentration of collagen, the natural fibers within the skin that provide strength and structure. Over time, these fibers loosen, and less and less collagen is produced. The FaceTite and AccuTite procedures employ RFAL (radiofrequency assisted liposuction) technology to tighten existing collagen fibers and melt away excess fat for an immediate result, while triggering the skin to produce higher levels of this natural skin-firming protein over time.

The process involves inserting a tiny wand into the deeper skin layers and applying an external handpiece so the RF energy can flow across the skin between the two. This RF energy heats (and thereby shrinks) collagen and elastin in the treatment areas in a very controlled manner, and triggers further collagen generation over time. The added benefit of FaceTite and AccuTite treatments is that excess fat is melted away while the skin responds to the treatment by regenerating and rebuilding.



What is the treatment like to experience?

Many people are nervous about undergoing a skin tightening treatment, as some of the most effective treatments have been somewhat painful to experience. With the FaceTite and AccuTite treatments, however, a local anesthetic is applied to the areas to be treated, and your experience should be easy to tolerate with only minimal if any discomfort – and well worth the age-defying results.

What can FaceTite or BodyTite treat?

These revolutionary skin-tightening treatments can firm, smooth, and restore skin contour on any smaller body area, for skin firming and smoothing, including:

  • Forehead, Cheeks, Jowls, Smile lines. Crows’ feet, Neck, Décolletage

While BodyTite is Dr. Smith’s treatment of choice for larger body areas, targeted sub-regions nearly anywhere on the body can be treated with FaceTite or AccuTite, including:

  • Arms, Back, Legs, Knees



Skin restoration – let nature do the work.

Nothing looks more natural than skin that has been restored from within. Not ready to consider major surgery? This groundbreaking treatment can achieve substantial results without the downtime or scarring of traditional procedures. FaceTite and AccuTite require only about 40 minutes to an hour to complete, and you will see results immediately after treatment. As the days and weeks pass, you will see your skin becoming more supple, firm, and youthful as your body produces higher levels of natural collagen. As the results appear completely natural, expect compliments!

Why choose Dr. Darren Smith?

When undergoing an anti-aging treatment, you want to be comfortable, feel safe, and be confident that your treatment will be performed correctly, and with precision. Dr. Darren Smith is among the most respected board-certified plastic surgeons practicing, with a luxury private practice on the Upper East Side. He has completed training in the most advanced techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, with an educational background that far outstrips most others in his field of practice. He is a perfectionist with a discerning eye and is trusted by his patients to perform effective anti-aging treatments that produce natural-looking results, including FaceTite and AccuTite treatments.

How Much Does FaceTite Cost?

Costs range from $2,500 to $5,000 in New York, based on the size of the treatment area.


AccuTite Cost Breakdwon

AccuTite Brow / Forehead (“Browlift”) $3500 $4500 $5500
Upper Eyelids $3000 $4000 $5000
AccuTite Lower Eyelids
$3000 $4000 $5000
Upper and Lower Eyelids $5000 $6500 $8000

To explore having an Accutite procedure in NYC, call the office of Dr. Darren M. Smith, MD, today or book an appointment online.

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This gentleman is having a minimally invasive brow lift under local anesthesia with AccuTite to get rid of that “tired” or “angry” look. This groundbreaking technology allows us to precisely deposit radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone the brow, eyelids, midface, jawline, and neck. The incision is 1-2mm long and you can be back at work in a day or two.

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AccuTite is one of the most advanced skin tightening technologies on the market. This minimally invasive device (see the needle-sized entry in the second frame) allows for precise radio frequency treatment of the most cosmetically sensitive areas. Because only a needle-hole is necessary for placement, there are virtually no signs of having had the procedure performed. Great for eyelids, midface, jowls, jawline and chin when you may not be ready for a more invasive surgical procedure.

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EYELID with AccuTite

If you have excess eyelid skin but don’t want a full blepharoplasty (eyelift), Accutite is a great minimally invasive option. This new technology uses precisely targeted bipolar radiofrequency energy to tighten lax skin in the area. This procedure is being shown here with local anesthesia alone. Aside from a little swelling, you can get back to work in a day or two. Also great for jowls and double chins! 

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Scarless Neck Skin Tightening with AccuTite

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Scarless Neck Skin Tightening with AccuTite

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Being a Nurse I look at medical and surgical procedures slightly differently. So I guess you can say I’m more critical than most. But I only have the upmost positive take away from my experience with Dr Darren Smith and all of his staff. Everything from beginning (consultation) to end (post op care) was exceptional. He listened to my concerns and guided me to a natural enhanced outcome. During the procedure (FaceTight & AccuTight) I only needing light sedation, he communicated throughout telling me his next step and what I would feel. His Nurse Practitioner was available 24 hours after and followed up with me the next day. The rest of the office staff also was most helpful in organizing from start to end.
Dr Smith takes a personal approach and really listens with guidance toward the best fit for your concerns. I can’t be happier and will definitely be back.



  • Darren M. Smith MD
  • Darren M. Smith MD
  • Darren M. Smith MD
  • Darren M. Smith MD

All photos are of models except before and after images.

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