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Neck Lift in NYC



Recovery: 48 hours

Price Range: $12000-$15000


The Neck Lift before and after pictures represent actual patients from Dr. Smith. Individual results may vary. 

NYC Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift surgically corrects sagging skin and tissue, excess fat, and vertical bands appearing on the neck due to age. This surgical procedure is tailored to the condition of the individual, and when performed with advanced techniques restores the neck to a sculpted, defined appearance signaling youth and vitality.

What is a neck lift procedure?

Your neck lift surgery may involve several different techniques based upon your individual anatomy and aesthetic goals. A neck lift is generally performed while you are under anesthesia, whether general or intravenous sedation. Several surgical approaches are possible, such as a traditional neck lift or an extended neck lift for extensive jowl formation.

The incisions are placed in areas that will leave fine, well-hidden scars, such as behind the ears or in a chin crease. These incisions allow access through which the area can be firmed and tightened by resuspending the foundational tissues of the neck and submental (under-chin) region to a youthful configuration. Liposuction may be incorporated into the procedure to remove excess fat beneath the chin and contour the jawline. If the muscles of the neck (platysma muscles) have separated at the midline yielding vertical neck banding, this issue is addressed with a platysmaplasty in which the edges of the platysma are sewn back together.

How does the neck age?

The neck is often one of the earliest areas where the signs of age appear. The delicate skin and tissue of the neck and jawline may develop horizontal lines or vertical bands, sagging skin, or begin to lose elasticity and sag. Jowls may begin to hang along the jawline on either side of the chin. Fatty deposits may appear beneath the chin, extending to the neck leading to a loss of jawline definition. A neck lift,
when performed with meticulous surgical technique, restores the firm look of youth to the area. Each neck lift is a customized surgery, based upon the specific anatomical issues contributing to an individual’s appearance.

What can a neck lift do for me?

Many people, both women and men, choose to undergo a neck lift to create a more youthful, refreshed look. If you feel that the appearance of your neck makes you look older, heavier, and less attractive, you will be thrilled with the results of a neck lift performed by Dr. Darren Smith. His meticulous approach to facial surgery and consistently superior outcomes has led to his reputation as being among the finest aesthetic surgeons practicing.

What are the benefits of a neck lift?

While there are effective non-surgical treatments to tighten neck skin or remove excess chin fat, at a certain point in the aging process, a surgical procedure will be necessary to achieve significant results.

An expertly performed neck lift:

  • Restores youthful jawline definition
  • Removes excess fat from under the chin and at the jawline
  • Tightens sagging skin that produces wrinkles, lines and folds
  • Smooths unattractive vertical neck bands (a procedure called a “platysmaplasty”)
  • Creates a youthful, refreshed look, contributing to increased confidence

How long does it take to recover from a neck lift?

After a neck lift, you can return home or to a local hotel the very same day. You will require an escort to accompany you from the operating room. It is typical to experience some swelling and bruising which fades as the days pass and your incisions heal. Your neck will feel tight in the early stages as your body adjusts to the changes. Plan on taking seven to ten days off of your usual work or social activities, and carefully follow all aftercare instructions to help speed healing. Most patients can return to strenuous physical activity approximately one month after the procedure.

Why choose Dr. Darren Smith?

When planning a facial rejuvenation procedure, the skills, quality, and surgical technique of your surgeon are exceptionally important. When under the care of Dr. Darren Smith, your procedure will be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with unparalleled training, who is known for his superlative surgical results. He is trained beyond most practitioners in his area, after having completed a craniofacial fellowship and an aesthetic surgery fellowship.

Dr. Smith performs custom facial surgeries in his luxury private Manhattan clinic, where you can expect a superior patient experience, in an exclusive, comfortable environment. All surgeries are performed with stringent patient safety protocols and the most advanced surgical techniques for results that are extraordinarily natural in appearance.

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