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Banana rolls are pesky layers of subcutaneous fat that develop between the lower butt and upper thigh. These fat pockets have a crescent shape like a banana and make it difficult to wear certain types of clothing.

Unfortunately, fat in this region can be more challenging to eradicate with traditional diet and exercise, which is why many people are leaning into cosmetic procedures like liposuction to treat this area.

Dr. Darren Smith can help you eliminate banana rolls while reshaping and contouring the lower portion of your bottom for a more shapely appearance. Banana roll liposuction is a safe, effective way to get the body you desire when diet and exercise can’t render the results you’re looking for.

In addition to decreasing the fatty bulge beneath the buttocks, this procedure created the appearance of more youthfully projecting buttocks even though the buttocks themselves were not altered with this procedure.

What Causes Banana Rolls?

Some people are more prone to this small fat pocket that sits just under the crease of the buttocks. As genetic factors are likely most responsible for fat distribution, people of all ages, sizes, and genders can experience these unwanted fat rolls.

In addition to genetics, dietary and lifestyle choices like exercise regimen can contribute to banana roll formation. It’s also important to mention that banana rolls don’t just affect overweight people. Anyone can be susceptible to these pesky fat pockets.

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Benefits of Banana Roll Liposuction

Banana roll liposuction offers several advantages for patients looking to refine and enhance the contours of their body.

By removing excess fat from the banana roll area along the outer thighs, this procedure can dramatically improve body shape and silhouette. Patients can enjoy a smoother, more contoured appearance along the hips and buttocks after treatment.

One of the biggest benefits patients seek from banana roll liposuction is an improved self-image and confidence in their body.

Removing stubborn fat deposits in this area can help patients feel better proportioned and curvier. The results are also permanent, as the procedure removes fat cells permanently from the treatment area. Patients can enjoy long-lasting contour improvements.

Banana roll liposuction increases comfort and flexibility. The procedure eliminates bulges and rolls that can cause chafing and discomfort.

Patients often find it much easier to wear certain styles of jeans, shorts, yoga pants, and swimsuits after treatment. Overall, banana roll liposuction offers a range of both cosmetic and functional benefits.

How is Banana Roll Liposuction Performed?

Banana roll lipo is an outpatient procedure. Dr. Smith removes unwanted fat from below your bottom to give more shape and definition to the space between the buttocks and upper thighs.

In many cases, liposuction doesn’t require general anesthesia. Instead, in small cases like banana roll liposuction, we use local anesthesia, meaning you’ll be awake but remain pain-free.

IV sedation, or “twilight anesthesia” is also available if you prefer. The surgery begins by numbing the treatment area and making small incisions for the cannula to be inserted into the skin. The cannula is a small, skinny tool that suctions out unwanted fat cells. Your incisions are carefully placed so they become very hard to see when you’re fully healed.

Dr. Smith removes excess fat from the target zone and sculpts the area for seamless results. The amount of unwanted fat extracted will depend on how much extra fat you have and your surgery goals. Immediately after liposuction, you’ll stay in a recovery room for a short time before going home. Those having IV sedation or general anesthesia should organize a lift home with a trusted friend or family member.

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Preparing for Banana Roll Liposuction

Patients interested in banana roll liposuction will meet with their surgeon for an initial consultation. This visit is crucial for discussing your goals, evaluating your anatomy, and determining if you are a good candidate. Dr. Smith will also explain the procedure in detail so you know what to expect.

You’ll be asked to share your medical history, as certain conditions may affect your eligibility. This includes medications and supplements you take, some of which may need to be stopped before surgery. For a smoother process, avoid tobacco products for at least 6 weeks before your banana roll liposuction.

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Following your consultation, your surgery date will be scheduled. Be sure to arrange for your schedule to accommodate your procedure..

Before your surgery, you will receive instructions for preoperative preparations from Dr. Smith. Follow all directions for fasting, medication changes, and other steps as directed. Show up on the scheduled date ready for your improved body contour!

A woman's thigh is shown before and after a thigh lift, highlighting the significant improvement in contour and firmness.
A woman's posterior before and after liposuction.

Can I Combine Banana Roll Lipo with Other Procedures?

It’s safe to combine this type of liposuction with other cosmetic procedures. For example, some patients will simultaneously have different areas treated with liposuction, like the thighs, arms, saddlebags, abdomen, waist or legs. Other patients may recycle the extracted fat and reinject it (fat grafting) in other areas of the body, like the middle or top of the buttocks for a fuller, more rounded shape.

If you’re considering combining liposuction procedures, please let your doctor know during your initial consultation so we can create the best care plan.

The diagram below illustrates buttock appearance before and after banana roll liposuction. Just as a valley in front of a mountain makes a mountain appear taller, decreasing the prominence of the posterior thigh (shaded blue) under the buttocks will make the buttocks appear to project further and look more “perky.”

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What’s the Recovery for Banana Roll Lipo?

This is a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery with a quick recovery time. You’ll return home the day of your procedure, but you’re not allowed to drive home yourself. After liposuction, you’ll wear a tight-fitting compression garment. The fit is similar to a pair of tight bike shorts or shapewear.

We recommend that most patients having liposuction without skin tightening wear compression garments for 48 hours post-op. Those having skin tightening procedures, like BodyTite may need to wear their compression garments longer. You’ll get personalized aftercare instructions before leaving.

A short rest period (24 to 48 hours) is recommended. Most patients can return to normal daily activities within a couple of days. Only resume strenuous exercise when Dr. Smith advises. In most cases, a light workout is fine in 4-5 days, and a full workout is allowed at 2 weeks.

Everyone heals differently, so it’s important to check in if you have any questions about your recovery or after-surgery care.

Is Banana Roll Liposuction Painful?

The procedure itself isn’t painful. However, you may feel sore or tender in the treatment area once the local anesthetic wears off. The sensation is similar to what is experienced after an intense workout. Many patients take pain medication the first few days after the procedure to minimize discomfort.

We will ask that you do not get the treatment area wet for 48 hours after the procedure. After 48 hours, we allow our patients to shower the treated area, but we advise them to avoid submerging it (e.g. swimming or taking a bath) for 10-14 days. Before your surgery, you’ll discuss the best aftercare approach for your individual case.

A woman's butt clad in beige pantyhose with subtle banana roll curves.

When Will You See Results?

For the first week after the procedure, you will be swollen and the treatment area will look slightly larger than before you started. After about a week you will go back to your original appearance.

By week 3-4 you will see a nice change. The results will improve as the swelling continues to diminish. Final results from banana roll lipo usually appear after approximately three months. The results are especially noticeable even earlier when you wear tight-fitting clothing.

Liposuction is a permanent fat removal solution. However, if you gain weight, the remaining fat cells in the treatment area can expand. The treatment area generally will gain much less volume than other body areas with weight increase. You can help maintain your new shape by adhering to a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

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Who is a Candidate for Banana Roll Liposuction?

Liposuction could be a good option if you’re unhappy with the shape of your buttocks or posterior thighs because of banana rolls. Most patients who undergo banana roll lipo want to alter the shape and contour of their backside to look better in and out of clothing and feel more confident. Ideal candidates should have good overall health and realistic expectations for the surgery results.

Banana rolls can alter the curvature of the buttocks and are especially noticeable from a side angle. Many patients report they feel like their bottom looks saggy or the gluteal muscles look untoned. Dr. Smith can permanently remove excess fat underneath your buttocks to give you a more firm and toned-appearing backside. This procedure is frequently combined with Emsculpt Neo of the buttocks to further enhance results.

FAQs about Banana Roll Liposuction

Many patients considering banana roll liposuction have questions about the procedure, recovery process, and expected results. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this body contouring treatment.

How long does it take to recover?

Most patients can return to non-strenuous work within 48 hours after banana roll liposuction. More strenuous activities may need to be avoided for 10-14 days. Complete healing takes 4-6 weeks for most patients.

Will there be scars?

The tiny insertion sites used for the cannula during banana roll liposuction heal into barely perceptible scars. Their location within natural creases minimizes their visibility.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, the fat cells removed during banana roll liposuction are permanently eliminated from the body. However, significant weight gain can impact results.

Overall, banana roll liposuction is considered a very safe and effective procedure when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. It provides reliable, natural-looking fat reduction in the posterior thighs.

How does banana roll liposuction compare to traditional, larger liposuction procedures?

Banana roll liposuction targets a specific region of stubborn fat deposits along the back of the thighs. Traditional full body liposuction is a more invasive procedure aiming to reduce overall fat.

Banana roll liposuction uses a smaller cannula and removes more precise pockets of fat compared to traditional liposuction. It provides contouring and slimming benefits focused on a particular trouble spot instead of treating larger areas.

While traditional liposuction can treat multiple zones, banana roll liposuction specifically targets those stubborn pockets of outer thigh fat known as the banana roll. It is a more targeted approach designed for reshaping this specific region.

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