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What is EMTONE?

Emtone is a next-generation, non-invasive, no downtime cellulite treatment. It’s not like anything we’ve ever seen. EMTONE is the first and only device that simultaneously delivers both thermal and mechanical energy to treat all major contributing factors to cellulite.

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What does Emtone do?

Emtone treats cellulite by addressing its underlying causes. So as many of us are all too familiar with, cellulite has an appearance that resembles a puckered and dimpled, and wavy surface on the certain areas of the skin. This is especially common on the buttocks and the back of the thighs, but can also occur elsewhere on the leg and on the arms and wherever it is, it can be very difficult to treat.

These waves, dimples, and puckers that collectively give us this appearance of cellulite are primarily caused by fat globules that get trapped under the skin between fibrous connective tissue that connects the skin to the deeper tissues of the body. What causes cellulite? While the answer to this question isn’t completely known. We do know that cellulite can be caused and exacerbated by sun damage over time, as well as gains in body fat, and sometimes increases in skin laxity and a thinning of the skin and a loss of skin integrity.

In general, anything that’s bad for your skin quality can make cellulite worse. Smoking and vitamin and mineral deficiencies for example, definitely aren’t going to help when it comes to cellulite.

How does Emtone work?

Emtone combines pressure wave therapy and radio frequency energy to treat cellulite at its source while the radio frequency energy from Emtone warms the tissue in the treatment area with simultaneous pressure wave therapy, physically stimulating the region.

Together these therapies are greater than the sum of their parts and address a loss of skin elasticity. They improve blood flow to the region being treated, they disrupt the larger fat chambers between those fiber septi that are causing the dimpling and wavy appearance of cellulite. They disrupt the collagen fibers that comprise those fiber septi themselves, and they enhance lymphatic flow to help clear metabolic waste that’s accumulated beneath the skin.

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How is Emtone different from other cellulite treatments?

Emtone is the only device on the market that combines radiofrequency energy and pressure wave therapy to yield synergistic results. Emtone is backed by extensive clinical trials that together either demonstrate greater than 90% patient satisfaction and 93% reduction in the appearance of cellulite. It’s been shown to be 64% more effective than stand-alone treatments for building elastin. It’s 59% more effective than standalone treatments for building collagen. And it’s also proven itself to be excellent for both wavy and dimpling cellulite.

Am I a good candidate for Emtone? 

Cellulite remains one of the most difficult aesthetic issues to treat in 2020 at the time that this episode was recorded. And there are a lot of different treatments available on the market. There is a great deal of subtlety that goes into assessing different kinds of cellulite and different treatments will be better for different kinds of cellulite in different patients. So it’s very important to meet with an experienced provider to make sure that you’re getting the treatment that’s best for you. In general, though, Emtone can be a very effective therapy for patients looking to treat most kinds of cellulite with a completely non-invasive method that requires no downtime. Whether you’re better off with a treatment like Cellfina or Qwo will depend on the results of an in-person consultation with an expert in cellulite treatment. 

How does an Emtone treatment work? 

You’ll be brought into an exam room. You’ll change into a robe. Photographs will be taken to monitor your progress, and a soothing gel will be applied to the treatment area. When the treatment begins, you’ll feel warmth and a tapping sensation that most people liken to a hot stone massage combined with a sometimes intense tapping feeling. There is no pain associated with an Emtone therapy, and the heat should just be comfortable. The length of an Emtone treatment varies depending on the size of the treatment area, but usually falls somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes. 

When will I see the results of an Emtone treatment?

While some patients report seeing results right after the first treatment, these results usually improve after approximately two to four sessions. And we do recommend approximately four sessions over a two week period for maximum results. And the results continue to improve for two to three months after the treatment. That’s when you’ll really look back at your before pictures and say, “Wow, this is pretty awesome.”

How long do Emtone results last? 

This varies from person to person, but we generally recommend a touch-up treatment every six to 12 months. So is Emtone permanent? Not quite, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever revert back completely to your pretreatment appearance.

What areas can be treated with Emtone?

Some of the most popular Emtone treatment areas include the abdomen or the stomach, the love handles, the waist, the buttocks, the inner and outer thighs, the front and back of the thighs, the knees, and the arms. How else can Emtone be used? Well, while Emtone is a very powerful standalone treatment, we often like to combined it with liposuction, because it can actually help speed up your recovery by getting rid of swelling and in a lot of ways, perform the same function as lymphatic massage and help your swelling resolve more quickly and help you get a nice smooth result right out of the gate. Emtone treatments can also be very effectively combined with Emsculpt to tighten your skin while Emsculpt is building your muscle and reducing your fatty volume.

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Dr. Darren Smith

  • Board-certified plastic surgeon Darren M. Smith, MD, is considered one of the leading experts in aesthetic surgery and non-surgical treatments.
  • Dr. Smith has completed fellowships and extensive training in aesthetic surgery and craniofacial surgery. His unmatched knowledge of facial anatomy allows him to deliver remarkable results to all of his patients.
  • Dr. Smith is passionate about the latest breakthroughs in aesthetic surgery and non-surgical treatments. He is well-known in the field of aesthetic science as an accomplished author and researcher who has authored over 200 publications.
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What areas can be treated with EMTONE?

EMTONE can smooth and tighten the following areas:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs

More than one area can be treated in a single appointment.

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