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NYC BodyTite

BodyTite is a revolutionary minimally invasive body contouring treatment that tightens and firms skin while assisting in the removal of unwanted fat. It uses RFAL (radio frequency assisted lipolysis) to liquify and eliminate excess fat, while stimulating the skin-firming development of natural collagen for tauter, smoother, more youthful skin on a range of body areas.

What is BodyTite?

As time passes, the skin loses its youthful quality, while the body may develop fatty deposits that leave you looking less attractive and youthful than you want. With BodyTite, a significant advance has been achieved in body contouring technology. Your figure can be reshaped, remolded, and enhanced with a minimally invasive treatment that produces consistently beautiful results.

Is BodyTite contouring right for me?

For many patients, BodyTite is a superior approach to liposuction alone. Specifically, individuals who have not retained youthful, firm, taut skin can see dramatic improvements with BodyTite. While liposuction removes fat and is very effective in improving body shape, it does not tighten skin in the treatment area. If the skin in the treatment area lacks tone and elasticity, liposuction may lead to sagging, rippled or wavy skin. BodyTite is a powerful treatment option for areas with the potential for loose skin. In addition to assisting liposuction in removing excess fat, BodyTite tightens loose and sagging skin for a more sculpted, youthful figure. BodyTite can also be useful in tightening and toning skin even in areas that do not require liposuction.

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Am I a candidate for BodyTite contouring?

For a more sculpted body with excellent skin tone, BodyTite is the gold standard contouring treatment. You may be a candidate if:

  • You are close to your ideal weight
  • You have fatty body areas that remain, even with diet and exercise
  • You have slack, loose, or aging skin
  • You are in good health

Benefits of BodyTite

BodyTite’s state-of-the-art method of body sculpting offers some important advantages, including:

  • Tightens and tones skin without major surgery.
  • Only local anesthesia is needed for a faster recovery.
  • Can be combined with liposuction to tighten skin.
  • Precisely controlled thermal energy triggers collagen formation.
  • The results are often superior to what can be achieved with liposuction alone.
  • No worries about extensive scarring or a long recovery time.

How does BodyTite work?

BodyTite is one of the world’s most advanced body contouring treatments. The procedure begins with the introduction of a numbing solution (“tumescent fluid”) into the area to be treated through tiny incisions (a few millimeters in length). This tumescent solution includes epinephrine that limits the risk of bleeding and minimizes bruising. A thin wand on an advanced handpiece is then inserted into the incisions previously used to introduce the numbing medicine. Radiofrequency energy is then transmitted from the wand under the skin to the portion of the handpiece over the skin, and back the other way. This unique bipolar energy application tightens skin by restoring elasticity and stimulating new collagen production. Fat in the treatment area is melted to allow for easy removal as well. This process delivers a body contouring result superior to liposuction alone in areas with skin laxity.

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What areas can be slimmed with BodyTite?

A wide range of body areas can be trimmed and contoured with BodyTite, including:

  • Upper arms
  • Love handles
  • Tummy fat
  • Bra fat (above and below the bra line)
  • The underarm (that pouches over a bra, dress or bathingsuit)
  • The male breast
  • Thighs
  • Knees

In addition to tightening skin on the areas above, BodyTite can:

  • Lift the breasts for a younger, perkier appearance
  • Tone and lift the buttocks

The following areas of the face and neck can be treated with specialized radiofrequency energy handpieces (FaceTite and BodyTite):

  • Brow
  • Eyelids
  • Midface / Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Neck bands

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What is the recovery time?

We generally recommend 2 days away from the office for this treatment. Friday procedures are popular so you can get back to work on Monday, and generally return to the gym by Wednesday. Discomfort after the procedure is minimal, and many compare it to the feeling after a strenuous workout. You can expect some bruising that is generally gone in 10-14 days. As swelling subsides, your results will begin to become apparent after about two weeks. Even more dramatic improvements in body shape and skin quality will develop over the months after the procedure as more collagen is created.

BodyTite vs. Lipo

Liposuction is a very effective way to remove excess fat, but for those with suboptimal skin tone or loose, saggy skin, liposuction alone is likely not the most effective or appropriate treatment. Before the introduction of BodyTite, major surgery with skin removal was the only way to address skin excess. BodyTite allows us to achieve tighter, firmer, skin along with a slimmed figure in a single procedure without major surgery or downtime. Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with BodyTite in areas that require both fat removal and skin tightening. For severe skin laxity, traditional skin removal procedures remain the treatment of choice.

Why choose Dr. Darren Smith for NYC BodyTite Treatments?

Dr. Darren Smith is among the most accomplished NYC board-certified plastic surgeons practicing. He is one of the few plastic surgeons in the USA who has completed fellowships and received extensive sub-specialty training in both aesthetic surgery and craniofacial surgery. His education and advanced training have given him the skills to achieve superior results in body contouring procedures, including BodyTite treatments. You can trust that you are under the care of one of the leading cosmetic surgeons practicing in the area

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How long do BodyTite results last?

BodyTite results last for years. While BodyTite tightens and tones the treatment areas, you will, of course, continue to age after the procedure, and skin laxity will likely develop as time goes on. BodyTite is a procedure that significantly tightens tissue and “turns back time”. Unfortunately, we can’t stop time completely (yet!). You can look forward to enjoying the results of a single BodyTite treatment for years to come.

Is the BodyTite procedure painful?

No! You will have mild discomfort during the numbing process, and then you will not feel anything at all.

Can you walk after BodyTite?

Yes, You will be up and about right away. We generally advise our patients to expect about 48 hours of social downtime after BodyTite, but most patients feel up to basic activities immediately.

Does BodyTite work on arms?

Yes, BodyTite is an excellent treatment for mild-to-moderate skin laxity of the arms. In fact, the arms are one of the most popular areas for BodyTite treatment in our practice.

Procedure Summary

  • Purpose Tighten skin almost anywhere on the body without the large scars of conventional surgical techniques.
  • Procedure Time 1-2 hours.
  • Anesthesia Local, general or IV sedation depending on the size of the procedure.
  • Recovery Time 48 hours.
  • Cost Range $4000 - $5000 per area.



Dr. Smith and his staff are absolutely incredible. They made me feel welcome, comfortable, and listened to from the moment I first arrived for a consultation, all the way to my surgery and afterwards. The care I received from Dr. Smith, Annalise, and Julia was exemplary. I am thrilled with the results of my procedure, and sincerely can't recommend them highly enough.


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