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Are you ready to say goodbye to extra fullness under your chin once and for all?

If a double chin has been bringing down your confidence, it’s time to transform it and bring out your best look ever.

Under the leadership of elite board-certified surgeon Dr. Darren Smith, our team has set new standards for safety, precision, and unparalleled results in chin liposuction in New York City cosmetic surgery.

By utilizing the most advanced techniques for chin contouring, Dr. Smith sculpts refined jawlines with incredibly natural results.

Through minimally-invasive chin liposuction, persistent pockets of fat can be removed for good. No more looking years older or heavier than you feel. Instead, discover a new you with slimmed facial angles, enhanced facial harmony and the self-assured smile you deserve.

At our luxury surgical practice based in Manhattan’s landmark Ritz Tower, Dr. Smith ensures total focus on your unique goals and wellbeing. Our boutique approach means no corner is cut to deliver seamless care, from consultation through your bespoke liposuction plan and swift recovery.

How Do We Sculpt Jawlines? The Science Behind Chin Lipo

There are a few different techniques that surgeons commonly use to remove fat during chin liposuction.

Traditional liposuction involves making tiny incisions, usually less than a quarter inch in size, in a targeted area under the chin and behind the ears.

Then, thin tubes called cannulas that are attached to a vacuum are inserted through the incisions. Using a back-and-forth motion, the surgeon will loosen and break up the fat deposits under the skin.

The vacuum cannulas help to suction out the targeted fat cells. Dr. Smith often elects to use VASER ultrasound energy in his chin liposuction procedures. This allows for more precise sculpting. FaceTite skin tightening may be added to tighten skin and provide a maximally contoured jawline.

No matter the specific technique, the goal is always to precisely contour the chin and neck area through careful liposuction of subcutaneous fat layers for an improved facial profile.

A woman's neck before and after liposuction, showcasing the transformative results of the procedure.

Benefits of Getting Your Chin Sculpted

There are numerous potential benefits that patients can enjoy from undergoing chin liposuction.

One of the most noticeable perks is that it offers a permanent solution for eliminating stubborn fatty deposits that cause a double chin or blunted jawline.

While diet and exercise are always recommended, sometimes a layer of fat just won’t budge no matter what someone tries. Chin liposuction ensures those pesky pockets are gone for good. It also helps to markedly improve chin and neck definition by sculpting a more contoured jawline.

A man in a black suit posing with his hand on his chin.
Pre-Operative: Patient is shown before submental (chin) liposuction.
2 Days Post-Op: While the area may not look very swollen right after the compression garment is removed on post-op day 2, several hours later significant swelling may be apparent as demonstrated in this simulated image.
1 Week Post-Op: As shown in this simulated image, minor improvements may be visible by one week after surgery.
Timeline to See Results after Chin Lipo.
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Having a well-defined jawline creates better facial balance and harmony. Most people can return to remote work immediately and an office in approximately 48 hours.

Plus, the results become evident relatively quickly compared to other surgical procedures, sometimes within just a few weeks as swelling subsides.

Best of all, chin liposuction provides a natural-looking enhancement without major surgery or an extensive recovery period. It offers an improved appearance that boosts confidence without significant lifestyle disruptions.

A black and white photo of a woman with wet hair, highlighting her chin.
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Risks Worth Knowing About

As with any procedure, there may be some risks like bruising, pain or tenderness. Sometimes changes in skin sensation could also occur. .Infection is rare with proper care. It’s always a good idea to get the lowdown on potential issues from your surgeon beforehand. Problems after chin liposuction in our practice are very unusual given our extensive expertise with this procedure.

What to Expect After Your Appointment

In the first few days following chin liposuction surgery, you can anticipate some mild discomfort, tenderness, swelling, and bruising around the incision sites.

These symptoms are quite normal as part of the initial healing response. Your surgeon will provide guidelines on proper post-operative care, such as applying ice packs wrapped in a thin towel to the treatment areas. Icing helps reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels.

Over-the-counter oral pain relievers are usually sufficient to manage any minor soreness. Most patients feel up to returning to sedentary work activities nearly immediately as they avoid strenuous tasks that could delay healing. We advise our patients that they can return to a light workout in 4-5 days and a full workout after approximately 14 days.

It generally takes a month after surgery to see early results. Only once all residual swelling has subsided will you see your final surgical results in full effect. This can take approximately three months. That’s why it’s important to be patient during the recovery phase.

Dr. Smith will also provide compression garments to minimize swelling and sculpt the chin and neck contours. Wearing these garments as directed is crucial for seeing optimal liposuction results. With proper post-operative care that includes following all aftercare advice, you’ll be back to your healthy, best-looking self in no time.

Chin Liposuction Cost in NYC

This table presents a reasonable expectation for low, average, and high prices for chin lipo with or without FaceTite or VASER in New York City (NYC). These estimates do not include facility fees or anesthesia fees if applicable.

Chin LipoExcess fat, good skin tone$4500$5500$6500
Chin Lipo + VaserExcess fat, male or previous chin contouring procedure, good skin tone$5500$7500$8500
Chin Lipo + FaceTiteExcess fat, mild-moderate skin laxity$5500$7500$8500
Chin Lipo + Vaser + FaceTiteExcess fat, male or previous chin contouring procedure, good skin tone, mild-moderate skin laxity$6500$8500$9500

Step-by-Step Chin Liposuction Process: Quick Overview

Once you’ve scheduled your appointment date, here’s a quick run-through of what to expect procedure-wise:

Your surgeon will first carefully mark the treatment areas with a special pen. Standard protocol also involves cleansing the skin surface to prevent infections. Next, small entry points will be made to insert the cannulas. Using a controlled back-and-forth motion, the fat cells will be loosened and vacuumed away section by section.

Your new and improved chin and neck profile are on the way!

A woman is getting a chin procedure done on her face.

Customizing Your Chin Lipo Recovery

Taking the time to properly recover after chin liposuction is absolutely crucial for attaining outstanding results and preventing potential complications.

Your board-certified plastic surgeon will provide specific at-home recovery instructions tailored to your individual procedure and needs.

This will likely include recommendations to rest, avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities that could delay healing. You may also be prescribed oral pain relievers if needed to manage any minor discomfort as swelling subsides. Applying cooled gel packs or ice wrapped in a soft towel to the treatment area for 10-15 minutes a few times per day is highly recommended.

The cold therapy helps to reduce inflammation and brings down swelling faster. In addition, compression garments will be issued to minimize bruising and contour the chin and neck areas into their desired shape throughout recovery.

Following your surgeon’s guidance on how long to wear these garments is key. don’t be afraid to schedule follow-up appointments with your surgeon either to ensure everything is healing properly. We want to help you achieve the very best outcomes, so taking full advantage of our expertise during recovery is an important part of that process.

With open communication, attentive self-care, and allowing adequate time for healing, you’ll be showing off your new sculpted profile in no time.

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Considerations If You’re a Guy Getting Chin Liposuction

It’s very common for men to get chin liposuction; this procedure is not just for women. While the main principles are the same, there may be some minor differences to consider due to natural variations in anatomy.

Your surgeon will know how to best shape masculine features, define your jawline properly, and achieve the chiseled look desired. With the right plan tailored just for you by Dr. Smith, a successfully sculpted chin and jawline is easy to achieve whether you’re a man or a woman.

A black and white photo of a man with blue eyes and a defined chin.

Optimize Facial Harmony with the Golden Ratio

Using principles of proportion and symmetry, we assess the ideal chin-to-neck ratios needed to complement your own face shape.

Contouring with just the right amount of liposuction, features will flow together harmoniously in a natural result. This enhances facial aesthetics through a balanced face that radiates a whole body wellness from the inside out.

With strategic fat removal, now you truly can have the gorgeous smile and defining jawline confidence you always wished for.

A bust of a man with arrows on his chin and head.

Further Finesse with Companion Procedures

Often chin liposuction can be skillfully combined with other facial contouring methods for even more enhanced results.

Your surgeon might advise a mini neck lift or complement liposuction with chin implants or a mini-facelift too.

Each treatment piggybacks seamlessly off the others to resculpt and rebalance your lower face in one swoop. Together, they refine weak areas while emphasizing strengths for completely natural yet notable finessing of your features.

With the right surgeon at your side, chin liposuction can be a simple solution for refining your profile. It safely sweeps away double chin fullness through expert techniques. Plus, proper recovery routines pave the way for a smooth, successful procedure.

Sculpted to turn heads, you’ll always have the defined and fit facial features you truly deserve.

A woman is looking at her chin in a mirror.
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Picking the Right Surgeon for Your Chin Liposuction in NYC

If you’re considering chin liposuction in New York City, choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Dr. Darren Smith is renowned as a top surgeon for facial contouring procedures, educating others in advanced techniques.

As a double fellowship-trained surgeon with advanced training in both aesthetic surgery and craniofacial surgery, Dr. Smith has an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to crafting natural, youthful jawlines. His focus is on delivering beautiful, long-lasting results through meticulous surgical techniques.

A laptop computer with a woman's face on it, featuring a prominent chin.

Unlike large corporate practices, Dr. Smith runs a boutique private practice where patient care and satisfaction are the highest priorities. He has hand-picked a specialized team to ensure an outstanding experience, from your initial consultation all the way through your recovery.

An NYC plastic surgeon with a private operating room in the luxurious Ritz Tower, Dr. Smith has pioneered a completely new standard of safety, comfort and service in aesthetic surgery. No expense was spared to construct a state-of-the-art facility designed with your needs, health and wellbeing as the top focus every step of the way.

When choosing your chin liposuction surgeon, it’s critical to trust an expert who truly understands facial anatomy and specializes exclusively in cosmetic procedures.

For natural yet elevated results and five-star personal care, Dr. Darren Smith is the ideal choice for your sculpted new chin and jawline. Schedule a consultation today.

Two pictures of a room with a white chair and a white chin.


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