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Chin Liposuction

Chin Liposuction


NYC Chin Liposuction

NYC Chin Liposuction

If you’re concerned with excess fat on your neck or lower jaw, chin liposuction may be able to help give you that chiseled jawline you’ve always wanted. Chin liposuction (submental liposuction) can radically improve jaw and chin contours without causing noticeable scarring. The procedure can be done in under an hour and causes minimal downtime, and the recovery has only minimal discomfort.

Patients who are naturally slim or work hard to get the body they desire can still have a hard time removing unwanted fat under the chin. Even fit and healthy people can have a double chin, giving the illusion they’re heavier than they are. Dr. Smith will help you determine if chin liposuction will provide you with the neck and jawline contour you desire.

What is Chin Liposuction?

Many patients rely on chin liposuction to achieve a more chiseled jawline, remove a double chin, and contour their face to appear slimmer. The procedure is usually done in our private in-office surgical suite. Dr. Smith uses the latest chin liposuction techniques, including FaceTite and VASER lipo where appropriate. FaceTite uses radiofrequency energy to build collagen and naturally restore skin elasticity and tighten tissue. VASER uses ultrasonic vibrations to help break up the fat, making it easier to remove. The heat generated by VASER ultrasound also produces skin tightening. . Dr. Smith delicately rids your chin and neck area of unwanted fat to create a more defined neck contour and jawline definition.

Chin Liposuction Procedure – What to expect?

Dr. Smith performs the procedure right in our NYC office. For most patients, chin liposuction takes less than an hour. Dr. Smith will apply local anesthesia to numb the area thoroughly. He makes tiny incisions that are only about one-eighth of an inch long under your chin. Using the cannula (a slim suction tube), he delicately brakes up and removes excess fat to contour your neck and remove the layer of fat responsible for a double chin. The small incisions will be closed with one or two stitches.

Chin liposuction is a same-day procedure, meaning you’ll be sent home within a couple of hours. Usually, Dr. Smith will keep chin liposuction patients for a short observation period after the procedure to ensure they can return home safely. You will be sent home with care instructions for your incisions and a supportive chin strap to hold your skin taut during the healing process. Expect to wear the compression garment around your head for the first 48 hours after the procedure. Dr. Smith will go over all of the post-op care instructions with you. You may notice some bruising or swelling; this is completely normal and usually fades quickly.

We ask that you have someone there to drive you home as you may be groggy after the procedure. This is to ensure your safety and that of those around you on the road.

Who Is a good candidate for Chin Liposuction?

If you have extra fat that you can pinch under your chin, you may be a good candidate for chin liposuction. If you have loose skin in addition to fat that you can pinch, you may need an additional procedure like FaceTite or a neck lift to achieve the best result. You should also be in good general health to be a good candidate for chin liposuction. Since chin liposuction can be extended towards the earlobes to improve jawline contour, you may also be a good candidate for this procedure if you are looking for better definition of your jawline.

What are the benefits of chin/neck laser liposuction?

Laser energy can be added to chin/neck liposuction to heat, and therefore tighten, skin. Laser energy is the oldest (and in Dr. Smith’s experience the least effective) form of energy that can be used to tighten skin in combination with chin and neck liposuction. More modern forms of energy that can be combined with chin/neck liposuction include ultrasound (VASER) and radiofrequency (FaceTite). VASER is best for deep tissue tightening, while FaceTite primarily tightens the skin itself. 

Pre-Operative: Patient is shown before submental (chin) liposuction.
2 Days Post-Op: While the area may not look very swollen right after the compression garment is removed on post-op day 2, several hours later significant swelling may be apparent as demonstrated in this simulated image.
1 Week Post-Op: As shown in this simulated image, minor improvements may be visible by one week after surgery.
Timeline to See Results after Chin Lipo.

Chin Liposuction Recovery & Results

Dr. Smith usually recommends that chin lipo patients plan to take two days off of work to rest and allow the body to heal properly. Many patients choose to have this procedure on a Friday so they can be back at work on Monday. For the first few days after the procedure, it’s best to take it easy. Avoid working out or excess physical activity. Vigorous movements can cause more swelling. Keep in mind that some swelling is perfectly normal and will resolve on its own. While pain following the procedure should be minimal, some patients choose to take pain medication for the first couple of days after the procedure.

After your chin lipo procedure with Dr. Smith, you’ll be able to notice early changes after 1-2 weeks, like less of a double chin. You should expect to see full results after a few months. As the body starts to reduce its swelling, your new jawline will begin to fully emerge. While healing varies from person to person, most swelling is gone by about 3 months, and final results generally become visible at 3 to 6 months after the procedure.

Cost of Chin Liposuction in NYC

This table presents a reasonable expectation for low, average, and high prices for chin lipo with or without FaceTite or VASER in New York City (NYC). These estimates do not include facility fees or anesthesia fees if applicable.

Chin Lipo Excess fat, good skin tone $4500 $5500 $6500
Chin Lipo + Vaser Excess fat, male or previous chin contouring procedure, good skin tone $5500 $7500 $8500
Chin Lipo + FaceTite Excess fat, mild-moderate skin laxity $5500 $7500 $8500
Chin Lipo + Vaser + FaceTite Excess fat, male or previous chin contouring procedure, good skin tone, mild-moderate skin laxity $6500 $8500 $9500

How Long Does Chin Lipo Last?

Chin lipo has consistent long-term results. Maintaining a steady weight and living a healthy lifestyle can help keep maintain your new jawline. Good skin elasticity will also help preserve your results for years to come. If loose skin is an issue, Dr. Smith will discuss skin tightening options like FaceTite or AccuTite that can be performed at the same time as your chin lipo procedure.

What to expect after chin liposuction?

You will have mild soreness that is dramatically improved after 2-3 days. Swelling during the first week may prevent you from seeing much of a change, but by week 2 your results will begin to appear.

How painful is chin liposuction?

Most people compare the pain after chin liposuction to mild cramping. This is not severe pain. Some temporary numbness of the treatment area is also normal.

Can I sleep on my side after chin lipo?

Yes, you can sleep in any position that is most comfortable after chin liposuction. There is very little you can do to harm your results after this procedure if you maintain your diet and exercise habits.

Can fat grow back after chin lipo?

No, fat cannot grow back after chin lipo. In general, when we gain weight our fat cells expand and when we lose weight they shrink. We do not make or destroy fat cells to account for weight gain and loss, respectively. Chin lipo involves the permanent removal of most of the fat cells from the treatment area. So, with weight gain, the remaining fat cells may enlarge, but this effect is generally not significant enough to have an aesthetic impact.

Does chin lipo leave saggy skin?

Chin lipo can leave saggy skin in improperly selected patients. If a patient has too much loose skin and they have chin lipo, a saggy, deflated appearance may result. Patients with mild to moderate skin laxity of the chin and neck may be good candidates for minimally invasive skin and soft tissue tightening technologies, like FaceTite and VASER. Patients with more severe amounts of skin laxity may require a formal neck lift for best results.

How much fat is removed during chin lipo?

On average, 50-100cc of fat is removed in chin lipo. Significantly more or less fat may be taken given the patient’s anatomy, but that is a reasomable standard range. For reference, a can of soda is about 350cc in volume. The chin is a relatively small area, so even seeminly low volumes of fat removal can make a big difference in appearance. If an attempt is made to remove too much fat during chin lipo, contour deformities like dents and divots may result.

How long does swelling last after submental liposuction?

Obvious swelling tends to last 2-3 days after submental liposuction in our patients. By day 3 or 4, you may have some fullness of your lower face and neck, but this generally isn’t obvious to others. By about 1 week after chin lipo, you can expect to return to your baseline appearance. 3 or 4 weeks later, you’ll start to see a nice chin and jawline conotur take shape. By 3 months after chin lipo, nearly all of the swelling wil have resolved to reveal your final result.

Will my double chin come back after lipo?

In general, no. If you maintain your weight after chin lipo, you should have a more or less permanent volume reduction in the treatment area. If you gain significant weight after chin liposuction, you will deposit more fat everywhere on your body, but less so in the treatment area as the majority of the fat cells will have been removed by the liposuction procedure.


This is a woman in her thirties that wanted to improve her jawline and profile.
Jawline and double-chin liposuction were combined with radiofrequency skin tightening to achieve this contour improvement
This woman in her twenties wanted to remove her double chin and improve her jawline.

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