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Mini tummy Tuck

Mini tummy Tuck


Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck NYC

Belly bulge, loose skin, excess tummy fat, and stretch marks can be an unwelcome results of pregnancy. Weight loss can also cause excess lower abdominal skin laxity. Diet and exercise alone generally can’t correct lax skin and may not be enough to treat a bulging lower abdomen. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, repairs separated abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and fat, resulting in a sleeker, more contoured shape.

Dr. Smith tailors every contouring surgery to meet the unique aesthetic goals of each patient. In addition to conventional abdominoplasty, Dr. Smith also performs mini tummy tuck surgery at his NYC practice. This surgery can especially benefit patients who want to remove post-pregnancy tummy fat or skin excess  or people who have lost weight but carry excess skin in the lower abdomen.

Excess skin and fat above and below the belly button (blue shading) is treated with a full tummy tuck (left). A mini tummy tuck (right) addresses excess skin and fat below the belly button (red shading).Is your problem area in the lower part of your stomach? A mini tummy tuck is a less invasive procedure than traditional abdominoplasty and specifically addresses the lower abdomen.

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Like a full tummy tuck operation, a mini tummy tuck removes unwanted, excess skin and fat in the abdomen. This procedure can give you a smaller, more shapely look if you have a pesky belly “pooch” in your lower abdomen.

A mini tummy tuck treats loose skin and fatty excess of the lower abdomen only, addressing the area between the navel and pubic bone. 

Benefits of a Mini Tummy Tuck

 If you’re unhappy with how your lower belly looks, a mini tummy tuck can help give you your confidence back. The benefits of a mini tuck include:

  • Less invasive option as compared to a complete tummy tuck
  • Quicker recovery time and easier healing
  • It costs less than a full tummy tuck
  • Works well to remove a stubborn post-pregnancy lower tummy
  •  It can be performed alongside other procedures, like liposuction

What’s The Difference Between a Tummy Tuck and Mini Tummy Tuck?

Both of these surgeries address abdominal looseness and fat excess. However, one may be better depending on your unique needs. For example, a traditional tummy tuck is best for people with sagging skin and loose muscles throughout the entire abdomen, including the area above and below the belly button.

Mini tummy tucks are best for people with excess skin and fatty tissue concentrated in the lower abdomen (below the belly button). In certain less common cases in which there is a rectus diastasis (separation of the six-pack muscles) with loose skin of the lower abdomen only, the muscles of the entire abdomen can be repaired through a mini tummy tuck. This is done with a procedure called an “umbilical float”. Mini tummy tuck surgery has a shorter recovery time and less visible scarring than a full tummy tuck.

How is a Mini Tummy Tuck Performed?

Like a full tummy tuck, an incision will be placed several inches below your belly button. The incision is similar in length to an average C-section scar, but can be longer or shorter depending on the individual’s needs. The difference between a traditional abdominoplasty incision (left) and a mini tummy tuck incision (right) is shown here:

 If you’ve had a C-section, Dr. Smith will likely use the same incision for your mini tummy tuck, or make a new one lower down and remove your existing C-section scar. Despite prior surgeries, Dr. Smith places the incision in a spot well hidden under a bathing suit or underwear. The incision allows Dr. Smith to repair your lower abdominal muscles and remove extra skin. If the muscles of the abdomen need to be repaired, this can be performed by tunneling all the way up to the chest, under the belly button (the “umbilical float”), and sewing the rectus abdominis muscles together.

 Then, your skin is pulled over the lower abdomen to eliminate a lower belly pooch. Excess skin is trimmed to leave you with a flat stomach. In some cases, Dr. Smith may perform liposuction to remove excess fat in the abdomen or other areas of the body.

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What’s Recovery Like?

Mini tummy tuck surgery is less extensive compared to a full tummy tuck. However, all surgeries require proper aftercare.

The mini tummy tuck is generally an outpatient procedure done under IV sedation or general anesthesia. Mild to moderate post-op discomfort and swelling are expected and can be managed with prescription pain medication. After surgery, you’ll wear a compression garment or abdominal binder for a few weeks. This binder helps support your midsection and prevents fluid buildup.

You will need to avoid strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks, including vigorous exercise or heavy lifting. Patients with a non-strenuous job can usually return to work after one week. Dr. Smith can help you determine how long you’ll need to take off work during your initial consultation.

Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

 Everyone reacts differently to surgery, but you can be as prepared as possible during this time. Dr. Smith offers his patients the tips below to help ensure a safe, easy, and speedy recovery.

  • Set up a comfortable spot at home to rest.
  • Ask someone to stay with you for the first 24 to 48 hours.
  • Don’t do any strenuous activities until cleared by Dr. Smith..
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Keep your diet as clean as you can with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Follow your aftercare instructions as directed.
  • Call our NYC office if you have questions or concerns!

When Will You See Results?

You’ll notice a change in your body immediately, but it can take a few weeks for you to see a dramatic improvement in your appearance. Final results are visible after several months when all of the swelling has subsided. Most patients can return to strenuous activity around 6 weeks post-op. However, please wait for the doctor’s approval before resuming ​​demanding physical activity.

Who is a Mini Tummy Tuck Best For?

You don’t have to have been pregnant to benefit from a mini tummy tuck. While the procedure can help women who have been pregnant, other patients may opt for a mini tummy tuck after losing weight. Ideal candidates for surgery are at or near a healthy body weight and don’t plan on becoming pregnant in the future.

Getting Started

Boost your confidence with a new, contoured shape. Book a mini tummy tuck consultation in NYC with Dr. Smith to learn if this procedure is right for you.




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