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Millions of Americans suffer from incontinence, which can severely affect their daily lives. While exercises targeting the pelvic floor can offer some improvement, they may not be enough for everyone.

Offering the convenience of no recovery time or adverse effects, BTL Emsella stands out as a preferable choice before contemplating surgical options. This non-invasive option is ideal for any age, restoring bladder and bowel control without downtime or side effects.

Dr. Darren M. Smith, a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York City, offers BTL Emsella treatments and is dedicated to aiding those with urinary incontinence.

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What Is BTL Emsella?

BTL Emsella is at the cutting edge of intimate wellness treatments, offering a non-invasive approach that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

Recognized by the FDA for treating urinary incontinence, BTL Emsella also significantly enhances sexual satisfaction for many. It’s chosen by numerous women purely for these intimate health benefits.

By delivering HIFEM technology, BTL Emsella stimulates the pelvic muscles with intense contractions, improving muscle strength and bladder control.

Additionally, BTL Emsella can be used alongside Emsculpt Neo to create comprehensive “core to floor” conditioning.

How Does BTL Emsella Revolutionize Intimate Wellness?

Intimate wellness, or vaginal rejuvenation, includes various procedures designed to improve women’s intimate health.

These can range from improving vaginal tightness to enhancing sexual pleasure and addressing incontinence or dryness.

Emsella, also known as the “Kegel Throne,” is a groundbreaking option elevating intimate health care with its comprehensive benefits.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Options in Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation offers both surgical and non-surgical options. Surgical procedures, such as labiaplasty, focus on aesthetic and functional enhancements, while non-surgical treatments are split into invasive and non-invasive types. Dr. Smith primarily offers surgical procedures like labiaplasty for aesthetic improvement.

What Sets Invasive and Non-Invasive Non-Surgical Treatments Apart?

Invasive non-surgical treatments typically involve inserting a device to deliver energy-based therapies, targeting issues like vaginal dryness or laxity.

Emsella, however, is unique as it stands alone as the only non-invasive procedure available that improves intimate wellness without any internal devices and can be done fully clothed.

Emsella: A Singular Non-Invasive Solution for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Emsella redefines non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation by offering a comfortable, accessible treatment that does not require any form of internal procedure.

It’s a premier choice for those seeking to enhance intimate wellness without the invasive aspect of traditional treatments, providing a revolutionary approach to improving intimate health.

How Does BTL Emsella Work?

BTL Emsella utilizes HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to stimulate pelvic floor muscles, causing intense contractions not achievable through exercise alone.

By using electromagnetic waves, BTL Emsella delivers thousands of supramaximal contractions per session, effectively retraining the muscles of incontinent patients.

Patients undergo treatment by sitting on the BTL Emsella chair, fully dressed, for approximately 30 minutes.

During this time, the chair’s seat generates electromagnetic pulses, prompting 11,200 involuntary muscle contractions—far more intense than what Kegel exercises can achieve.

These contractions are painless and require no recovery time, allowing patients to immediately continue with their day.

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How Often Should You Have BTL Emsella Treatments?

For optimal results, a typical BTL Emsella treatment plan includes six sessions over three weeks, with maintenance follow-ups every six months to a year. Noticeable improvements often occur after the first treatment, with progressive benefits developing over time.

What Are the Benefits of BTL Emsella?

Emsella stands out as a premier, entirely non-invasive treatment for reinforcing pelvic floor muscles and enhancing bladder control:

  • Non-Surgical and Painless: The therapy requires no anesthesia and is free from discomfort, with patients able to return to their daily routine immediately after the session.
  • Clinically Effective: Utilizing FDA-cleared technology, BTL Emsella is proven to effectively treat various types of incontinence, including stress and urge.
  • Quick Results: Many patients notice improvements after the initial sessions, with continued advancements over the following months.
  • Simple and Non-Intimidating: Sessions are conducted while patients are fully clothed, sitting in a comfortable chair without the need for internal probes.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: BTL Emsella targets both urinary and bowel incontinence by strengthening the interconnected pelvic floor muscles.
  • Sustainable Improvements: The gains in muscle tone and control are sustained with regular maintenance, providing a long-term solution.
  • Enhanced Intimate Health: In addition to incontinence relief, patients often report improved sexual satisfaction.
  • Lifestyle Benefits: With reduced reliance on incontinence pads, patients enjoy a newfound freedom in daily activities.
  • Increased Confidence: The treatment’s efficacy in restoring bladder control often leads to boosted self-esteem and an enhanced quality of life.

Emsella’s unique approach provides effective relief and an improved lifestyle for those seeking alternatives to traditional methods.

Dr. Darren Smith offers personalized consultations to explain the process and address any questions, helping patients decide if BTL Emsella is the right choice for their intimate wellness needs.

Am I a Good Candidate for BTL Emsella?

BTL Emsella is ideal for anyone looking to improve intimate wellness or manage urinary incontinence issues. It is especially beneficial for:

  • Individuals seeking enhanced intimate experiences: If you’re aiming to enrich your sexual well-being, BTL Emsella can help.
  • Active people with leakage concerns: Those who experience leakage during exercise or other physical activities may find BTL Emsella particularly effective.
  • Anyone with frequent urges: If you’re troubled by a constant need to urinate, BTL Emsella could offer substantial relief.
  • Postpartum women: Women who have given birth and are facing leakage due to a weakened pelvic floor can greatly benefit from this treatment.

Emsella is suitable for people across all age groups dealing with incontinence. As a non-surgical option, it presents a straightforward path to improving quality of life, free from the discomfort of incontinence.

Is BTL Emsella Safe?

Given its non-invasive approach, BTL Emsella is known for its safety and gentleness. Research and patient feedback indicate a lack of pain, discomfort, or negative side effects, making it a low-risk choice for improving pelvic floor strength.

How Much Does Treatment With BTL Emsella Cost?

A single 30-minute session is priced at approximately $420, with a full series of six sessions—recommended for best outcomes—costing around $2500.

Exploring Additional Non-Invasive Body Procedures

Interested in more non-invasive body treatments? Our offerings extend to other procedures such as Emsculpt Neo for muscle toning and fat reduction and Emtone or Cellfina for cellulite improvement.

What To Expect During Your BTL Emsella Consultation with Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith emphasizes the value of comprehensive consultations to determine if BTL Emsella is the right solution for each patient’s specific incontinence concerns. During a thorough discussion, he learns about symptoms, intake of fluids, diet and lifestyle factors, and past treatments.

Consultations also provide an opportunity to address patients’ questions and concerns about BTL Emsella. Dr. Smith carefully explains what to expect during sessions and afterwards, as muscle strength improves. Patients appreciate his warm bedside manner and attentiveness.

How to Begin Your BTL Emsella Treatment

Starting BTL Emsella treatments with Dr. Smith is a straightforward process:

  • Scheduling Your Consultation: Begin by booking an appointment with Dr. Smith, either by calling +1 (212) 633-0627 or requesting a slot online.
  • Assessing Your Needs: During your visit, Dr. Smith will evaluate if BTL Emsella is suitable for you and outline a personalized treatment plan.
  • Consenting to Treatment: Before starting, you’ll sign consent forms, ensuring you’re fully informed and agreeable to the procedure.
  • Undergoing Sessions: You’ll attend treatment sessions, typically spread out over 2-3 weeks, with each lasting about 30 minutes. You remain fully clothed while the chair’s electromagnetic energy prompts pelvic floor contractions.
  • Reviewing Your Progress: After completing the treatment series, a follow-up with Dr. Smith will help assess your results and consider any future maintenance.

Patients are encouraged to voice their questions and desired outcomes right from the initial consultation. Dr. Smith prioritizes your comfort and privacy and is dedicated to providing a supportive and effective treatment experience.

Why Choose Dr. Darren M. Smith for BTL Emsella?

Selecting Dr. Darren M. Smith for your BTL Emsella treatments means entrusting your intimate wellness to a distinguished plastic surgeon with an impressive track record in body contouring.

Dr. Smith stays current on the latest advancements in his field, implementing advanced technologies like BTL Emsella and evaluating their effectiveness through his own clinical observations. Patients benefit from his extensive expertise in performing both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Smith delivers highly customized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals. In his elegant Manhattan practice, he provides a private, spa-like experience designed to put clients at ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions about BTL Emsella

What results can I expect from BTL Emsella treatments?

Most patients report significant improvements in leakage, urge frequency, and nighttime bathroom trips after completing the recommended six sessions. Results continue to improve over the next 3 months as pelvic muscles strengthen. Maintenance sessions help sustain benefits long-term.

Is BTL Emsella painful?

No, treatments are not painful. Some patients report a tingling sensation. The electromagnetic energy induces deep muscle contractions without causing discomfort.

How long do results last?

With proper maintenance, most patients enjoy over a year of improved continence before needing touch-up sessions. Dr. Smith tailors maintenance plans to each patient to optimize long-term benefits.

What does the BTL Emsella treatment feel like?

Patients typically experience a sensation akin to vigorous pelvic floor workouts during BTL Emsella treatments, coupled with a tingling sensation in the pelvic region.

Is BTL Emsella also beneficial for men’s sexual health?

Emsella’s primary application is combating urinary incontinence. Some practices also explore its benefits for men’s sexual health, including erectile dysfunction, but further research is ongoing to confirm its efficacy for these purposes.

Can BTL Emsella improve bowel incontinence?

By strengthening pelvic floor muscles, BTL Emsella may aid in bowel control. The impact on bowel incontinence will vary, with outcomes depending on individual conditions and incontinence causes.

Will my insurance cover BTL Emsella treatments?

Insurance coverage for BTL Emsella treatments is not standard and depends on your specific policy. Consult your insurance provider to determine if BTL Emsella is included in your benefits.

Does BTL Emsella result in vaginal tightening?

Emsella focuses on reinforcing pelvic floor muscles, which may impart a sensation of increased tightness. However, vaginal tightening is not its primary purpose.

Can you undergo BTL Emsella treatment during your period?

It’s preferable to arrange BTL Emsella sessions outside your menstrual period, as the treatment’s electromagnetic stimulation may intensify cramps for some individuals. For personalized advice, consult with Dr. Smith.

What should I wear for a BTL Emsella treatment?

You can wear your everyday clothing to BTL Emsella treatments, as it’s completely non-invasive. Opt for attire that provides comfort throughout the session.

Take Control of Your Bladder Again with BTL Emsella

Experience a renewed sense of freedom from incontinence with BTL Emsella, a non-surgical path to improved bladder control offered by Dr. Darren M. Smith.

In the comfort of his practice at Ritz Tower in Manhattan, New York, Dr. Smith tailors Emsella treatments to strengthen your pelvic floor and enhance your quality of life.

Embrace the opportunity for change with a personal consultation in Dr. Smith’s welcoming environment. He is committed to guiding you towards overcoming incontinence, allowing you to reclaim life’s joyful moments with confidence.

Book your session online or reach out at +1 (212) 633-0627 to begin your treatment with a trusted expert in intimate wellness.

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