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liposuction in NYC

Liposuction in NYC with Dr. Darren Smith

Offering dramatic results with an easy recovery and minimal downtime, it is no wonder that liposuction is one of the most popular aesthetic plastic surgery procedures performed in the Unites States and around the world year after year. Not all liposuction is created equal, however, and the quality of your results has everything to do with the skill and artistry of your plastic surgeon. If you are looking for one of the best procedures in liposuction has available, search no more.

Dr. Darren Smith has gained a reputation for achieving beautiful body contouring results by leveraging advanced liposuction techniques, a keen aesthetic eye, and a focus on each patient’s desired outcome. With new body contouring technologies being introduced at a seemingly ever-accelerating pace, liposuction continues to be the most effective way to sculpt the body through the removal of fatty deposits. Liposuction has benefited from technological advancement as well, with state-of-the-art lipo treatments producing even more attractive results and faster recovery times.

Sculpt your body with state-of-the-art liposuction in NYC.

Liposuction is one of the most effective ways to sculpt the body and remove stubborn excess fat. With an advanced background in cutting-edge liposuction technology, board-certified plastic surgeon Darren M. Smith, MD, uses safe and effective techniques to achieve optimal liposuction results. Dr. Smith is known for superb liposuction results ranging from full-body transformations to precision contouring of specific stubborn areas. Book your liposuction evaluation at his private, exclusive, practice today.

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What is liposuction?

Liposuction (lipo) is a surgical procedure that involves permanently extracting fat cells through an advanced suction technique. Patients targeting individual areas for fat reduction can often have their procedures performed under local anesthesia alone.

Dr. Smith generally performs more extensive liposuction procedures under “twilight” anesthesia (the patient is awake and breathing on his or her own but feels very comfortable and relaxed). Of course, if you prefer, you can opt for general anesthesia to be completely asleep during your procedure.

How is the liposuction procedure performed?

The procedure involves making a few small (less than 1 cm in size) well-placed incisions and instilling numbing medication into the treatment area. Next, Dr. Smith loosens and removes stubborn fat cells with a suction device called a cannula.

Finally, Dr. Smith carefully closes the incisions with small sutures. The incisions are hidden in skin creases and are so small that they are very difficult to see once healed. You will then relax in the recovery room under the care of our expert nursing staff. In the vast majority of cases, you can go home the same day, usually within an hour or so of your procedure.

Types of Liposuction

As aesthetic science advances, new types of liposuction in are frequently developed. The type of liposuction used will depend on your individual anatomy and the parts of your body being treated. Often different techniques are chosen for the face, neck, abdomen, arms, or legs, for example, to ensure that the results are smooth and fresh, making you look naturally slimmer.

Darren M. Smith MD

Traditional liposuction / Tumescent Liposuction

Liposuction is sometimes called “liposculpture,” “lipoplasty,” or “suction-assisted lipectomy.” These are all the same thing. The process begins by marking the treatment areas and infusing a solution of diluted local anesthetic, along with epinephrine to shrink capillaries and limit bleeding and bruising. This solution is called “tumescent fluid,” which is why traditional liposuction may also be called “tumescent liposuction.” Filling the treatment area with tumescent fluid allows for easier fat extraction with minimal discomfort.

Fat removal is then performed by inserting a thin, hollow device through a small incision and moving the device back and forth to suction unwanted fat out of the treatment area. This method is very effective in removing larger quantities of fat, and can be performed as a stand-alone procedure in patients who have maintained good skin tone and elasticity. If loose skin is present, several skin tightening technologies are available that allow us to shrink your skin around the newly sculpted treatment areas.

Laser-assisted liposuction (Smart Lipo)

In laser liposuction, or laser lipolysis, medical laser beams are delivered into the fatty area to liquify fat cells for easier extraction in conjunction with tumescent liposuction. The laser energy is emitted by a device inserted beneath the skin. This technique is branded as “Smart Lipo.” Like ultrasound-assisted or VASER liposuction, Smart Lipo also generates
heat that can offer a skin tightening effect.

Radio frequency-assisted liposuction (BodyTite / FaceTite / NeckTite)

Radio frequency-assisted liposuction is Dr. Smith’s preferred method for skin tightening in most cases. Branded as “BodyTite” (or “FaceTite” or “NeckTite” depending on the part of the body that is being treated), this technology is easily paired with tumescent liposuction. A small wand is inserted under the skin and emits energy across the skin to a receiver outside the skin. This process safely heats the skin in the area, offering controlled skin tightening.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (VASER Lipo)

With this form of liposuction, ultrasound waves are emitted by a specialized wand prior to fat removal. The ultrasound energy liquefies fat and separates it from connective tissue and scar tissue if present, accelerating fat removal. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is particularly useful in cases where scar tissue is present (such as from prior surgery in the area) and in liposuction of the male chest for male breast reduction (“gynecomastia” surgery), as the male chest is very fibrous. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction can also be useful as a skin tightening technique, as the heat produced by the ultrasound energy can produce some skin shrinkage. When ultrasound is required, Dr. Smith uses an ultrasound
system called “VASER” that has been shown to be a safe and effective addition to tumescent

Power-assisted liposuction

Power-assisted lipo involves the use of a specialized cannula which rapidly vibrates. This vibrating action removes fat cells from surrounding connective tissue and accelerates the fat removal process. This results in reduced operative times.

Which areas can liposuction treat?

Our liposuction is ideal for removing excess stubborn fat in many areas of your body. If you have a specific area that doesn’t seem to respond to diet and exercise, liposuction can help you havethe figure you want by removing these fatty deposits. Some of the most common treatment areas ideally suited for liposuction include:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Waist (love handles)
  • Flanks (muffin top)
  • Upper arms
  • Male chest
  • Hips
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Under the buttocks (banana roll)
  • Calves and ankles
  • Neck and jawline

Why Choose Dr. Smith?

In addition to being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Smith completed one of the top aesthetic surgery fellowship programs in the world at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. He is versed in the most advanced techniques available to achieve outstanding liposuction results.

In addition to achieving consistently excellent patient reviews, he is a noted authority amongst plastic surgeons, having published and delivered hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and presentations around the world. He is also a noted media expert. Perhaps most importantly, he prides himself above all else in partnering with his patients to achieve their aesthetic goals.

What is the cost of liposuction?

The cost of liposuction varies, based upon the number of areas treated. As every procedure is customized to match patient needs, the costs will reflect those needs, but is generally in the range of $3,500 to $12,000.

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

What is recovery like after liposuction?

After your procedure, Dr. Smith and his caring surgical team place you into compression garments or elastic bandages. This helps minimize swelling, while contouring your skin. In most cases, these bandages or garments are only needed for two days.

Generally, you can start returning to many of your regular activities – including work – after about two days. Many of our busy patients chose to have liposuction on a Friday so they can return to work on Monday. They can often be back in the gym for a light workout by Wednesday.

Generally, only minimal discomfort is experienced after liposuction with Dr. Smith. Many patients compare it to the feeling after an intense workout.

When will I see the results?

You should expect to have some bruising that can last for 1-2 weeks. While you will notice a significant change in your appearance after approximately 2-3 weeks, approximately 3 months need to pass until the majority of swelling resolves, when you will have a better sense of the final result.

Can the fat removed with liposuction be transferred to another area?

Autologous (your own) fat transfer is an option that involves gentle liposuction to extract excess fat from the love handles, abdomen, thighs, or another area, after which it is processed to remove impurities. The cleansed fat is then injected to add volume to the breasts, face, or other areas - even to the feet!

Will I lose weight with liposuction?

While liposuction will remove fat, it is not a weight loss procedure. Fat is lighter than muscle, and one pound of fat has a fairly large volume. Liposuction is not intended to make you lose weight, but rather to sculpt your body so it is more attractive, slim, and shapely.

Does liposuction leave loose skin?

Your skin quality makes a difference in the results of liposuction. How your skin retracts will affect whether you are left with loose skin. If you have good skin elasticity, you should not have an issue with loose skin after liposuction. With moderately loose skin, one of the energy-based skin-tightening technologies discussed above may be a good option. If you have very lax skin, you will get better results with a procedure that removes skin in conjunction with liposuction (such as a tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, or neck
lift, depending on the area being treated.

How long will I need to wear compression garments?

The compression garment’s primary purpose is to control swelling in the immediate post-operative period. Dr. Smith generally only requires his patients to wear a compression garment for two days after the procedure.

Are there risks with undergoing liposuction?

All aesthetic surgery procedures do carry some degree of risk. Generally, liposuction is considered to be very safe. Any lipo procedure should be performed by a highly-rated, experienced, board certified plastic surgeon so that the risk of complications is minimized. For example, there is a limit to the quantity of fat that should be extracted in one procedure. Ensure your plastic surgeon uses advanced patient health and safety protocols; this is a top priority at Dr. Smith’s practice.

How many incisions will be placed during liposuction?

The incisions made for liposuction are very small and well-hidden. They end up being quite hard to see after the procedure. The exact number and placement of these incisions will depend on the areas being treated. Dr. Smith will discuss this with you in detail during your consultation.

Can liposuction extract excess back fat?

Yes. Modern liposuction techniques can extract excess fat from almost any body area, including bra fat, back fat, lower legs, and a double chin, in addition to the traditional areas such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms.

Which is better, lipo or CoolSculpting?

These are different procedures designed to provide a different kind of result. Liposuction is the gold standard for fat removal and offers dramatic changes that
are customized to your anatomy. Significant changes are seen within two weeks of the procedure as swelling subsides. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is a non-invasive fat removal procedure performed by a machine. It does not offer custom body sculpting by an expert surgeon. The changes achieved with CoolSculpting are relatively minor (maximum of about 25% fat reduction), and results will not be achieved for months.


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