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Dr. Darren Smith Emergency Plastic Surgery

As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Darren Smith is an expert in treating soft tissue trauma of the face and body. Having completed an advanced fellowship at one of the world’s top pediatric hospitals (the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto), he is uniquely well qualified to address these injuries in children as well as adults. Dr. Smith’s emergency plastic surgery practice covers injuries such as lacerations (cuts), dog bites, burns and more. In an effort to increase access to these services and keep you out of the emergency room while the system is coping with COVID-19, Dr. Smith is offering house calls at reasonable rates in line with the treatment being rendered.

About House Calls

In the spirit of social distancing and to free emergency room resources, Dr. Smith is offering emergency plastic surgery house calls. To maximize the safety of this approach in the time of Coronavirus, Dr. Smith is practicing social distancing aside from caring for patients who need urgent attention and screening for risk factors before rendering care. All standards for procedural sterility are strictly enforced.

Common Injuries


Lacerations, or cuts can occur from sharp (e.g. getting cut by a knife) or blunt (e.g. hitting your chin during a fall) trauma. It is critical to address these injuries in a timely manner to minimize the risk of infection or damage to any critical underlying structures. The first step in treating a laceration is to perform a physical exam in order to determine the structures involved and the severity of injury. Next, the injury is thoroughly cleaned. Finally, the wound is repaired in layers with meticulous attention to detail. Local anesthesia is used to ensure as comfortable experience as is possible. Depending on the situation, Dr. Smith is often able to use sutures (stitches) that dissolve on their own, so no suture removal is necessary.


Burns can occur from exposure to heat, chemicals, or electricity. Thermal (heat) burns are the most frequent kind of burn encountered in the home. Burns must be assessed by an expert to determine their size and depth. Small superficial burns can often be managed with simple antibiotic ointment. Larger, deeper burns can require extensive cleaning (debridement) and reconstruction in the context of a burn unit. Dr. Smith has extensive experience in managing both adult and pediatric burns. In many cases, no hospital admission is necessary. However, in severe cases, and in larger burns in children, Dr. Smith may recommend admission to a burn unit for comprehensive management.

Dog Bites

Even the friendliest pet may bite if provoked or if it feels threatened. These injuries vary dramatically in severity from minor skin tears to deep tissue trauma. It is absolutely critical to carefully examine dog bites to assess the extent of the injury. It is also extremely important to thoroughly wash wounds resulting from dog bites as these injuries are particularly susceptible to infection. Dr. Smith will frequently prescribe antibiotics when treating dog bites to minimize this risk.

Before & Afters of Emergency Cosmetic Procedures

This is a gentleman who sustained a laceration near his left eyebrow. He is shown before and just two weeks after repair. Over time, his scar will continue to fade and likely become very difficult to see at all.

This three-year-old girl fell and sustained a deep laceration on her forehead. This is her result after meticulous suture repair and a few rounds of laser treatment.


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All photos are of models except before and after images.

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