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If you’ve struggled with heavy, oversized breasts causing physical and emotional strain, you may be the perfect candidate for breast reduction. 

Breast reduction surgery is a proven technique for reducing breast size and enhancing breast shape. By removing excess breast tissue and skin, women can see significant benefits to their quality of life.

As a leading breast reduction specialist in NYC, Dr. Darren Smith understands the toll large breasts can take. His precision techniques can deliver smaller, perkier breasts – along with the confidence and comfort you desire. Let’s find your ideal breast size and get you one step closer to living life without limitations.

Understanding the Need for Breast Reduction

Large breasts can negatively impact women’s lives in multiple ways. Physically, overly large cup sizes are often associated with neck, back, and shoulder pain from the strain caused by excess breast weight. They may also limit mobility and cause poor posture.

Emotionally, large breasts can become a source of distress through feelings of low self-esteem or anxiety about appearance. Research shows breast reduction can significantly improve quality of life by boosting psychosocial well-being and satisfaction with one’s image.

In addition to these internal struggles, large breasts commonly create outward issues. Asymmetries and pendulous shapes may develop that some find aesthetically unpleasing. Large breasts can also constrain daily activities.. Studies demonstrate reduction surgery can effectively address these physical and emotional burdens. This procedure provides pain relief while enhancing emotional wellbeing.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is an important step before undergoing breast reduction surgery. During this meeting, Dr. Smith will:

  • Evaluate your general health and medical history by reviewing records, medications, prior surgeries, health conditions, smoking status, pregnancy or lactation history, and family breast health history.
  • Perform a breast exam to assess your current size and shape. Measurements and photos will be taken.
  • Discuss setting realistic expectations for your desired cup size based on your individual anatomy and aesthetic goals.
  • Address any emotional impact of your large breast size and discuss how this procedure may help
  • Note any neck, back, or shoulder pain experienced. He will also evaluate you for bra strap grooving and rashes in the folds under your breasts.
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Breast Reduction Procedures

Breast reduction surgery removes excess skin, glandular tissue, and fatty tissue to achieve a smaller, better-proportioned breast size and shape. Dr. Smith uses several techniques depending on each patient’s individual needs and goals.

Incision TypeDescription
Periareolar IncisionThis technique involves making an incision around the areola. It may be well-suited for women desiring a small reduction who have good skin elasticity. The scar is mostly concealed within the existing pigmented skin of the areola. This technique has limited utility as it can flatten the breast and only allows for very small volume reductions.
Vertical Incision (Lollipop)With this method, a circular areolar incision is accompanied by a vertical line extending to the breast crease. It is ideal for mild to moderate size reductions. It allows for significant volume reduction in addition to the treatment of ptosis (sagging) with powerful reshaping and lifting.
Anchor Incision (Inverted T)This incision pattern forms an anchor shape with incisions around the areola, vertically from the bottom of the areola to the crease under the breast, and horizontally within this crease. It allows maximum control over breast shaping and proportion, making it the most common approach for larger reductions requiring excess skin removal.
Breast LiposuctionUsing a cannula, this technique selectively eliminates excess fat deposits. It is a reasonable option for those with excellent skin elasticity who desire a small volume reduction. It can be combined with the methods above.

Breast reductions and breast lifts are very closely related procedures. All breast lifts involve some form of skin removal to remove extra skin. These skin removal patterns result in a lifting effect. As breast reductions use the same skin removal patterns as breast lifts, any breast reduction that involves skin removal will provide some degree of breast lift. For those desiring a more extreme lift, the reduction can be designed in such a way as to maximize this effect. These cases are sometimes referred to as a breast lift and reduction, or mastopexy and reduction. .

Similarly, if we start from the perspective of a breast lift, while a breast lift alone can be designed to minimize any changes in cup size, these procedures can certainly be combined with volume reduction to achieve a change in both size and shape. This procedure would be the same as the mastopexy and reduction described above.

Ideal Candidates for Breast Reduction

While breast reduction can significantly improve quality of life, not all women are ideal surgical candidates. Careful preoperative evaluation is essential to ensure success. 

Breast Hypertrophy

In this condition, the breasts grow excessively large and are disproportionate to the body. These women experience hyper-development of glandular and fatty tissue. Severe cases can be called macromastia or gigantomastia, and involve enlargement far beyond a proportionate breast size.. 

For these individuals, heavy breasts can induce chronic pain from strain on the back, shoulders, and neck. The reduction provides long-term relief by contouring the breast to a healthier, more proportional scale.

Body Frame

A relatively small frame can make average-sized breasts seem over-sized. This underscores the point that each breast reduction procedure must be customized for the individual. 

Similarly, someone with a broader build may carry larger breasts quite proportionately. The key is that the patient is comfortable with the size and shape of their breasts, both physically and psychologically.  

General Health

A history of good health is the foundation for a successful breast reduction procedure.  Any chronic medical conditions must be optimally treated to safely undergo a breast reduction. 

Issues that can impair wound healing, like diabetes, are especially important to address. Smokers must refrain from nicotine use for a solid four weeks before and after the procedure. This is because smoking can damage small blood vessels, and this impairs wound healing. 

Psychological Readiness

A breast reduction is a big change. Patients who are ready for this both physically and psychologically will have the best results. Breast reduction offers one of the greatest patient satisfaction rates of any plastic surgery procedure as it offers significant aesthetic and practical benefits.

The Surgical Process

Breast reduction requires careful surgical planning and execution. Proper preparation sets patients up for success. The steps included are:

  1. Preoperative Instructions: Patients receive guidelines on medications, supplements, and smoking cessation several weeks prior. Arrangements are made for post-op transportation and recovery support.
  2. Anesthesia: On the day of surgery, the anesthesia team administers general anesthesia to ensure comfort and safety during the procedure. Extensive monitors track vital signs and patient health. Dr. Smith works only with board-certified anesthesiologists.
  3. Surgical Planning: Dr. Smith meticulously designs incision patterns tailored to achieve the desired changes in breast size and shape. Incision location can play an important role in our ability to achieve the desired breast shape and lasting aesthetic enhancement.
  4. Tissue Removal: Through these incisions, excess skin, glandular tissue, and fatty deposits are methodically separated and excised to achieve the planned reduction in size. Meticulous hemostasis ensures minimal blood loss.
  5. Shaping and Closure: With precise dissection, the new breast mounds are sculpted into their new form. The nipples are carefully repositioned. Multi-layered suturing ensures a strong closure with minimized scarring.
  6. Recovery: Patients rest comfortably under observation for 1-2 hours after the procedure. Post-op garments and follow-up care instructions optimize healing and expedite a return to regular activities.
  7. Follow-Up: The surgeon examines the matured results at intervals to ensure proper remodeling. We will follow you closely to ensure you achieve natural, long-lasting results.
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Recovery and Healing Process

Healing takes time as your body adjusts to the changes from surgery. Following your surgeon’s instructions helps recovery go smoothly.

Immediate Post-Op Phase (0-2 Weeks)

You will have some soreness and feel tired. Most patients can return to a desk job in 5-7 days. Light exercise can resume in 2 weeks.

Early Phase (2-4 Weeks)

The first few weeks focus on letting incisions heal. Dressings protect scars and optimize their appearance. Ice pads can be used to relieve pain and swelling. Take it easy – no heavy lifting or reaching above your head.

Intermediate Phase (1-3 Months)

By one month, most patients are back at their full activity level. Mild soreness may remain and be aggravated by more aggressive activity. Supportive bras are recommended for strenuous exertion.

Late Phase (3-6 Months)

Over the next few months, tissues fully settle into place. Discomfort has faded. Scars begin to mature and have a less prominent appearance. Most patients feel like they never had surgery at this point.. 

Post-Operative Care

Dr. Smith will check your progress regularly. A surgical bra worn for the first two weeks after surgery offers support and prevents issues with healing. Eat healthy foods, stay hydrated, and rest for a smooth recovery.

Lifestyle Changes

Avoid smoking and decrease drinking alcohol to boost healing. Smoking is strictly forbidden for the four weeks before and after breast reduction surgery. Alcohol can be consumed in moderation when you are no longer taking narcotic pain medications. 

Slowly return to normal activities as advised. Schedule follow-ups so any new concerns can be addressed right away. Avoid post-operative issues by following your instructions from Dr. Smith.

Cost and Financing Options for Breast Reduction

Breast reduction costs vary significantly depending on factors like the surgeon’s credentials, geographic location, and scope of work involved.

Dr. Darren M. Smith offers financing programs to help patients budget their expenses.  In some cases where the procedure is aimed to treat back pain and other physical symptoms, insurers may reimburse expenses.

Common qualifying medical issues cover back, neck, and shoulder pain. We can help you document any such issues during your consultation.. 

Potential Risks and Complications

All surgical procedures involve risks that should be discussed thoroughly with your surgeon. While uncommon, breast reduction surgery poses several potential complications:

  • Bleeding and Infection: Like other operations, infections or bleeding requiring treatment can occur.
  • Hematoma or Seroma: Blood or fluid collections can occur and require drainage.
  • Fat Necrosis: On rare occasions, localized fat cell death can harden breast tissue. This often dissipates on its own without intervention
  • Unfavorable Scarring: We make every effort to achieve narrow, inconspicuous scars. Sometimes, as everyone heals differently, scars may appear more visible than we would like and require other procedures to enhance their appearance.
  • Loss of Nipple Sensation: Nipple sensation can be diminished or extremely rarely lost from this procedure..
  • Wound Healing Issues: In very few cases, incisions experience delayed or disrupted healing requiring extended dressing changes or additional procedures.

Why Choose Dr. Darren M. Smith


With many years of experience and advanced training, Dr. Smith has performed countless breast reduction procedures. He continues to hone his technique and offer . Vast exposure to diverse anatomies ensures proficiency.


Not only is Dr. Smith is a board-certified plastic surgeon, but he is also fellowship trained in advanced aesthetic surgery of the breast. This background allows him to meticulously design personalized treatment plans that are tailored to his patients’ aesthetic goals and existing anatomy. Dr. Smith has cultivated a reputation for developing  balanced, natural-looking results.

Compassionate Care

From your initial consultation through your long-term follow-up visits, you will feel supported by Dr. Smith’s widely appreciated caring bedside manner. He will take the time necessary to explain every step and to alleviate any concerns. Our warm staff will work with you to ensure your safety and comfort from pre-op preparation to post-op recovery.

Advanced Techniques

Dr. Smith pursues the latest innovations to benefit his patients. From advanced operative planning strategies to the most refined surgical techniques, his approach delivers stunning personalized results. In addition, we are proud to offer the most advanced proven technologies for every step of your journey from 3D imaging to radiant OR bed heating and more..

Positive Reviews

Dr. Smith is proud to have cultivated an extensive list of glowing online reviews across multiple platforms including Google, Realself, and more. Common themes include excellent results, a personal approach, and a kind bedside manner.

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