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Gummy Bear Implants NYC


NYC ​​Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy Bear Implants with Dr. Darren Smith

 Cohesive silicone-gel breast implants – also known as gummy bear implants – are designed to keep their shape better than traditional silicone or saline implants, giving a more natural-looking appearance.

Gummy bear implants are FDA-approved. Breast augmentation enhances the size and shape of the breasts to correct lost volume, improve body proportions, or correct breast asymmetry caused by genetics, injury, or illness. Dr. Smith can help you determine if a gummy bear implant, or another implant type, is the best choice for your breast surgery.

What are Gummy Bear implants?

Cohesive gel implants are made with silicone gel to stabilize their form. Gummy bear implants don’t lose their shape, and  if cut in half the gel stays in place, like the inside of a Gummy Bear stays in place if cut in half.. They have a soft, pliable texture that mimics natural breast tissue. Breast augmentation with gummy bear implants gives you natural-looking, feminine breasts.

What are the Advantages of Gummy Bear Implants?

  • In the (rare) event they rupture, gummy bear implants have a cohesive silicone gel that stays in place.
  • These implants leave breasts naturally soft to the touch.
  • Gummy bear implants are less likely to wrinkle or ripple.
  • Gummy bear implants can have an anatomic (life-like) teardrop shape, allowing for a more natural result in properly selected patients.
  • Gummy bear implants retain their upper pole fullness, enhancing the appearance of cleavage.


Am I a Good Candidate For Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy bear breast implants retain their upper pole fullness since the gel is so cohesive. This is especially useful in women without a great deal of natural breast tissue, as it can enhance the aesthetics of the upper half of the breast.If you want a realistic, anatomical-looking result from your augmentation, gummy bear implants may be the best choice.

Some patients’ anatomy will lend itself to a softer implant that is less form-stable, or that will provide less upper pole fullness. Patients that want a softer upper pole may do better with a less cohesive implant. During your consultation, Dr. Smith can use advanced 3D imaging software to simulate your appearance with different kinds of breast implants so you can make an informed decision, with Dr. Smith’s guidance, about the type of implant that is best for you.Gummy bear gel implants are available in a wide variety of sizes and proportions, so an individualized consultation is key to achieving your aesthetic goals.

Crisalix 3D Imaging

Darren M. Smith MD

Pre-Operative: Patient is shown before breast augmentation.
2 Weeks Post-Op: Implants can appear quite high for several weeks to a few months after breast augmentation.
7 Weeks Post-Op: By a few months after breast augmentation, the implants have “dropped and fluffed” into position. This patient is shown 7 weeks after her procedure, and the implants have dropped approximately 75% into position. They will reach their desired position over the next several weeks.

What Happens During Gummy Bear Breast Implant Surgery?

 Breast augmentation surgery with cohesive gel implants usually takes around 45-60 minutes. Dr. Smith performs surgery using general anesthesia so that you will besafe and comfortable throughout your procedure. Before your surgery, Dr. Smith will answer any last-minute questions you may have.

Dr. Smith makes a small incision to place gummy bear implants. Most frequently, this is placed in the inframammary fold (the fold under the breast). Other options are available and can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Smith. Then, the breast implants are inserted into a pocket, usually created behind the pectoralis muscle. Your incisions are closed using sutures, and small dressings are applied. After surgery, the medical staff will carefully monitor you before you return home. Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery, meaning you will be allowed to return home the same day.

Recovery From Gummy Bear Implant Surgery

 You are not allowed to drive following your surgery until cleared by Dr. Smith.. Please arrange a ride home, and we recommend having someone stay with you overnight. It’s best to steer clear of strenuous activity for at least two weeks. With Dr. Smith’s raid recovery breast augmentation technique, most patients can return to work in 48 hours.

Immediately following breast implant surgery, your chest will feel tight. Some patients experience pressure on the chest in the days following the procedure. This will lessen with time. Please follow Dr. Smith’s aftercare recommendations to promote optimal healing. You’ll receive specific instructions to follow after your surgery, including a prescription for pain management and instructions about taking care of your incisions.

Wearing a compression garment after your breast augmentation prevents the excessive buildup of fluids and helps your body absorb any accumulating liquid. Always wear your compression garment as instructed. Without it, post-op swelling can linger much longer than necessary. Swelling can linger for three weeks following your augmentation. Discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common symptoms following surgery. Most patients describe soreness after the procedure, and do not find it truly painful..

Are There Complications of Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy bear implant surgery in NYC with Dr. Smith is a safe, effective procedure. However, as with other surgeries, breast augmentation does have potential risks.  Possible risks include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, scarring, capsular contracture, and implant rupture. Dr. Smith will explainthe risks of gummy bear breast augmentation during your initial consultation to help you make a decision about this procedure.

You can help reduce your risks of breast augmentation complications by carefully following your pre-operative and post-operative instructions.

How Much Do Gummy Bear Implants Cost?

The cost of gummy bear implants in NYC depends on several factors. Please remember that breast augmentation surgery is considered an elective cosmetic procedure and is not covered by health insurance. However, some health insurance plans cover mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery with gummy bear implants for reconstructive surgery after an illness. If this is the case, our team is glad to try and work with your insurance company.

We will provide you with the exact cost of your procedure following your initial consultation with Dr. Smith, as each procedure is customized to the individual patient’s needs

Schedule a Gummy Bear Implant Consultation in NYC

Gummy bear breast implants help create fuller, more natural-looking breasts. Whether your smaller chest results from genetics, post-pregnancy, or an illness, Dr. Smith works with all types of patients. If small or flat breasts are bothering you, breast augmentation with gummy bear implants can help you to regain your self-confidence.

 If you’d like to discover more about breast augmentation using gummy bear implants and whether they are best for you, please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Smith.




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