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Chin Augmentation


NYC Chin Augmentation

Symmetry and balance are extremely important in determining overall facial appearance, and the chin plays a major role in contributing to facial symmetry and the balance of your facial features. Whether you have a small or large chin, plastic surgeon Darren M. Smith, MD uses his skills and experience to refine your chin so it is optimally proportional to your face.

Serving patients from around the world, Dr. Smith routinely achieves remarkable results for his patients. He applies his advanced subspecialty training in craniofacial surgery and aesthetic surgery to refine his patients’ chin shape and proportions to improve their facial appearance – and boost self-confidence.

To learn more about chin augmentation, call the office today or book an appointment online.

What is a chin augmentation?

A chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that enlarges and reshapes the chin and provides an improved facial profile.

Why would I have a chin augmentation?

If you’ve been feeling unhappy with the appearance of your chin from the front, or how it fits with your profile, a chin augmentation could be a great fit for you. Chin augmentation is performed to address an
under-projected chin (when the chin is set back closer to the neck).

What about a chin reduction?

Alternatively, if you have an overly strong chin projection (where the chin juts out away from the neck) Dr. Smith can reshape the existing bone to provide a softer, more harmonious facial profile. Finally, your chin looks uneven from the front, Dr. Smith can modify it to provide improved symmetry and better overall facial balance.


Benefits of a chin augmentation include:

  • Improving facial symmetry
  • Improving global facial balance
  • Creating harmony between the size of the nose and chin

The chin and nose are strongly related to each other. A small chin may make a large nose more prominent, and vice versa. Many patients seeking to change their chin’s appearance also consider having a rhinoplasty (nose job), which can be done at the same time.

How do I prepare for chin augmentation surgery in NYC?

In some cases, Dr. Smith may want to perform advanced 3D imaging studies of your face and chin to get a detailed picture of which procedures would best improve and enhance your chin and facial profile. You can discuss your desired goals and concerns with him in depth so you are comfortable with the procedure. You will also discuss your medical history, medications, previous surgeries, and procedure details.

Ideal Chin augmentation Candidate

The ideal chin augmentation candidate is healthy and has a chin that is relatively too small to balance the remainder of the patient’s face. Ideally, the patient’s upper and lower jaws will be lining up properly (at the teeth). If not, this issue may be the cause of a chin that appears weak when the actual issue is with jaw position.

What can I expect during a chin augmentation procedure?

There are three main ways to perform chin augmentation. The least invasive is with injectable fillers or fat grafting. In these noninvasive techniques, Dr. Smith will inject a substance (either your own
fat, which lasts a lifetime, or a filler, which requires retreatment over time) into your chin region to sculpt the area and achieve the desired shape and projection. While noninvasive, these techniques are best for cases in which only a modest change is necessary. For more dramatic changes, the following two techniques are recommended.


Chin implant

With a chin implant, Dr. Smith will make a small incision either inside your mouth or under your chin, and place a sculpted silicone implant snugly atop your chin bone. This implant will increase chin projection, moving it outwards towards the tip of the nose in a profile view. A chin implant may also be used to increase facial height by augmenting the lower border of the chin.

Osseous genioplasty
The most advanced form of chin augmentation is osseous genioplasty. This is a procedure that not many plastic surgeons in Manhattan perform, and that Dr. Smith is uniquely-suited to perform due to the experience gained during his craniofacial surgery fellowship. During this procedure, Dr. Smith will reconfigure the placement of chin’s boney support, providing an entirely new level of balance to the face.

Again, owing to his advanced fellowship training in aesthetic surgery and craniofacial surgery, Dr. Smith can also perform reductive chin surgery in which he can shave down the bone of your chin if it is too “pointy” or projects too far away from your neck in profile view.

NYC Chin augmentation surgery can be done with local or general anesthesia depending on the procedure chosen. Filler-based chin augmentation does not require any anesthesia.

What can I expect after a chin augmentation procedure?


Results will be immediately noticeable after a chin augmentation. Depending on the procedure performed, you may have bandages around your chin and head to keep the area clean and reduce swelling. If you received an implant, the area may be taped to keep the implant in place as it heals.

It is best to plan on approximately three to five days off work following this procedure (no time off is needed if your procedure is performed with dermal fillers). You will have some swelling and bruising, but this should be reduced to the point where only you and Dr. Smith will notice it within a week or two. You will be able to return to full exertion in 2 weeks but should avoid any activity in which your chin may be exposed to direct trauma for 6 weeks after the procedure.

Give us a call today or book online to start discussing your options for a chin augmentation that can improve the overall symmetry and profile of your face.

Chin Augmentation FAQ’s

There are several kinds of chin augmentation (from least to most invasive): filler, fat grafting, implant and osseous genioplasty. Depending on the filler used, chin augmentation lasts approximately 1-3 years. Chin augmentation with fat grafting, an implant, or a genioplasty is permanent.

This is a personal decision. If you are sure what you want your chin to look like, and you are comfortable with a long term result, an implant is a better fit than chin filler. On the other hand, if you want to experiment with a look before committing to surgery, filler might be the way to go.

All chin augmentation procedures will improve the front of the jawline. They can also be customized to wrap around and improve the sides of the jawline as well.

To explore having a chin augmentation in NYC, call the office of Dr. Darren M. Smith, MD, today or book an appointment online.

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