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Plastic surgery may have once been considered to be for women only – but times have radically changed. As the taboo on male plastic surgery has faded, men are now choosing to undergo procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, in ever-increasing numbers.

Face and body treatments for men: Dr. Darren Smith

Men who are considering plastic surgery have specific concerns, and most often desire that the changes achieved appear entirely natural. The treatments they choose to undergo may be surgical or non-surgical but in either case, achieving results that do not appear “worked on” is the ultimate goal. There is no better place to achieve this goal than the Manhattan clinic established by leading male plastic surgeon Dr. Darren Smith.

Dr. Smith: Plastic surgeon for men

Men are often naturally drawn to fitness and preventative care. The ethos of being fit and healthy is a common theme for men, but tough workouts and healthy meals may not be able to achieve the cut, masculine look that is so appealing.

Stubborn pockets of fat can linger at the waist, abdomen, double chin or elsewhere on the body, and often just won’t disappear no matter how rigorously you work out. Achieving the fit, athletic body you want may only be possible with the help of medical science, and the skills of Dr. Darren Smith. The first step is a private consultation, where you can trust in our discretion and conservative approach to enhancing the male body.

Procedures for men


As the always-popular BOTOX has continued to gain traction, men are increasingly finding themselves on the business end of the needle. There’s nothing emasculating about seeking anti-aging treatment. At the office of Dr. Darren Smith, he frequently provides BOTOX to men, allowing them to reap the benefits of this revolutionary anti-aging treatment. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Smith’s application of BOTOX to men, please call our office.

Gynecomastia: Male breast reduction

Whether due to genetics or other reasons, an excess of male breast tissue or fat in the male chest can be an embarrassing condition. Dr. Smith is frequently asked to perform a custom male breast reduction
procedure to create a more masculine, sculpted upper chest region. The treatment may be strictly “spot” liposuction requiring only about an hour of time, or a surgical removal of excess glandular tissue if
this is the underlying problem.


One of the most common procedures that Dr. Smith performs in men is chin and jawline liposuction. This procedure can often be completed in under 45 minutes with local anesthesia alone to deliver a chiseled, well-defined jawline. Additionally, the male body tends to develop fatty deposits around the waist, at
the abdomen, and on the back. Dr. Smith performs spot liposuction for men to reduce the areas that tend to store fat, no matter how dedicated you are to a workout routine or a healthy lifestyle and diet. One
of the most exciting developments is that spot liposuction can be performed without sedation, with a fast recovery time, allowing for a return to work after a day or two, not weeks.

Eyelid surgery

It is normal for the delicate eyelid skin to begin to lose elasticity with age. This issue can affect the upper lids, lower lids, or both, leading to a tired or angry appearance. Fatty bulges may also
develop at the lower eyelid, appearing as “bags” that accentuate dark circles under the eyes. A custom eyelid surgery can address these issues and restore a far more youthful look to the entire face. The
care with which this delicate surgery is performed could not be more critical – your surgery must be meticulously performed so the end result looks 100 percent natural. Procedures to address the upper eyelids (“upper blepharoplasty”) can often be performed with local anesthesia alone. Procedures to improve the appearance of the lower eyelids (“lower blepharoplasty) are usually performed with IV sedation. General anesthesia is available for any of these procedures if you would prefer to be completely asleep. Lower blepharoplasty can also improve the appearance of dark circles under your


A custom rhinoplasty can be performed to create a balanced, attractive profile – but the male nose is very different from the female nose in its structure and appearance. Dr. Smith is exacting and precise
in nose surgery for men, working to create the ideal balance between forehead, nose, and chin. In performing male rhinoplasty, it is especially important to pay careful attention to the overall size of the nose in relation to other facial features. A male nose that is made too small can feminize a male face. Men also frequently have a rhinoplasty (“nose job”) to improve their nasal airway, that is, to make breathing easier.

Ear surgery

Men often call upon Dr. Smith to correct the appearance of enlarged or protruding ears. Otoplasty, a custom ear surgery, will leave the ears lying as they should against the head, addressing issues such as a lack of proportion with respect to the size and shape of the individual’s face and head. Otoplasty can contribute to a significantly more attractive facial appearance overall. Dr. Smith also performs earlobe
reductions and repairs earlobes that have been ripped or stretched from piercings. He is also proficient in reconstructing earlobes that have large holes from gauges that are no longer wanted.

Brow lift

An overhanging, heavy, creased brow can give the appearance of anger, increased age, or unhappiness. A brow lift has the effect of creating a smoother brow with a subtle lifting of the eyelids. The male brow
has a specific appearance that must be maintained. Similar to rhinoplasty, a browlift that is performed without careful consideration to maintaining male facial proportions can be feminizing. Dr. Smith’s
background in advanced aesthetic and craniofacial surgery ensure that your result remains true to your masculine facial characteristics. There are several ways to perform a brow lift, including an endoscopic
approach that uses miniaturized cameras and small incisions. Dr. Smith will work with you in your consultation to determine the best procedure to achieve the results you are looking to obtain.

Chin augmentation

A receding chin may be an inherited trait, but with the help of Dr. Smith, you can create a more masculine facial appearance with chin augmentation surgery. Chin augmentation techniques range from
noninvasive methods like filler to more advanced approaches like chin implants or even bone reshaping. With his background in craniofacial surgery and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Smith brings a uniquely
sophisticated approach to these procedures.


While the majority of men that desire abdominal contouring surgery can be adequately treated with liposuction, cases in which there is significant loose skin are best addressed with an abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck.” An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can tighten the underlying muscles of the abdominal wall (the “six-pack” or rectus abdominus muscles), and remove excess skin and fat to create a fit, firm
abdomen that presents a youthful, vital figure. Abdominoplasty in men is also often performed after massive weight loss, as this process can leave unwanted loose skin behind.

Facelift and Neck lift

Volume loss and saggy facial and neck skin can give away your age. A facelift or neck lift is designed to restore underlying structures to a youthful position and volumize areas affected by fat loss or descent over time. Dr. Smith prides himself on achieving facelift and neck lift results that look natural, not “done.” The perfect facelift, in Dr. Smith’s eyes, will leave you looking like a refreshed version of yourself, not like you stepped out of a wind tunnel.

Non-surgical treatments for men.

Men have discovered that they can look younger, more vital, and more attractive for far longer with the use of injectables, such as BOTOX or one of its counterparts, Xeomin or Dysport, or dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. Facial aging can cause self-consciousness in a competitive social or professional environment, but it is possible to hold off time’s effects with a conservative program of BOTOX and dermal fillers. Kybella injections can be performed to reduce a double chin with a formula that kills stubborn fat cells in the region. These cells are naturally processed from the body in the weeks following the procedure.


Many men work hard at achieving the chiseled abs they see in magazines or on other men. Even when you work hard at the gym and put in a great deal of effort, it can be hard to achieve a fully defined torso through exercise alone. EMSCULPT has become one of our most popular body contouring treatments for men. It is FDA-approved for the treatment of the abs and buttocks and achieves excellent results for many men whether they are struggling with problem areas or want a sculpted and well-defined body. Many men prefer EMSCULPT because it is the first body contouring system that simultaneously tones and builds muscle while burning stubborn body fat.

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