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Breast Procedure



Breast Lift in NY

A breast lift, in medical terms a “mastopexy,” is a custom surgery to raise the breasts on the chest wall with the surgical removal of excess skin and reshaping existing breast tissue to create an attractive breast shape. The procedure may include altering location or size of the nipple/areola structure to restore a youthful, perky look.

A breast lift – do I need one?

If pregnancy, nursing, or the passage of time has left you with sagging breasts, you can lift and contour your bust line through a modern breast lift procedure. As an acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon, Darren M. Smith, MD, is known for his expert technique in a customized breast lift. To schedule an evaluation at his practice, use the online booking feature or call the office directly.

Am I a candidate for a breast lift?

A breast lift involves lifting and sculpting your breasts to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. You might want to consider a breast lift if you:

  • Feel self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts
  • Have loose or stretched breast skin
  • Have nipples that face downwards
  • Notice that your breasts are asymmetrical

You might need a breast lift to restore breast appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding, due to weight fluctuations, or to correct a genetic breast shape. Many women choose to undergo a breast lift when the breasts have begun to sag and droop as a result of the passage of time.

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Do I need breast implants with a breast lift?

Possibly. If you have natural breast fullness, you might simply need a lift. But if your breasts seem tovhave deflated or to have lost volume, Dr. Smith might recommend pairing your breast lift with a breast augmentation, which involves implants. This allows you to get fuller, more natural-looking breasts, allvin one surgical procedure.

Vectra with Breast Lifts

Rather than imagining how the results of a custom breast lift will appear, you have the opportunity to see the changes with Vectra 3D imaging technology. The system creates a 3D image of you, which is then digitally altered to reveal how it will appear after a breast lift. It is always helpful to look at a before and after gallery, but to see the changes as they will appear on your makes all the difference in coming to an educated decision.

What is the breast lift procedure?

Every breast lift performed by Dr. Darren Smith is a custom-tailored surgical procedure. The surgery may entail one of a few approaches, chosen to reflect the current condition of the breasts:

  • Anchor incision: Called an “anchor” due to shape, this incision is around the areola, vertically down the lower center of the breast mound, and within the breast crease. This may be the appropriate incision for very saggy, droopy breasts. While this may sound like an extensive scar, these generally go on to fade a great deal over time.
  • Lollipop lift (keyhole incision): The incision is around the areola, and vertically down the lower center of the breast, but does not require the incision in the breast crease.
  • Donut lift (periareolar): The incision is made around the areola, an appropriate approach for women with a mild case of sagging.
  • Crescent lift: The incision is only around the upper section of the areola, through which a crescent of skin is removed, appropriate for minor sagging.

Will I have visible scars after a breast lift?

Dr. Smith must make incisions to perform a breast lift, so scars will be present after surgery. However, in many cases, they are hidden in discreet areas so that they are barely noticeable, hidden even in revealing tops and swimsuits.

For example, breast lift scars are frequently hidden in at the border between the areola and regular breast skin or directly below the breasts. In some cases, especially in severely ptotic (drooping) breasts, a vertical incision running vertically down from the areola is necessary. In any of these scenarios the scars are located in areas covered by a bra or swimsuit.

Advanced breast lift techniques

Dr. Smith has extensive training in cutting edge breast lift and breast augmentation procedures. He uses advanced techniques that result in the most discreet scarring possible. He will work with you to understand your aesthetic goals so he can deliver results that exceed your expectations.

How long is the recovery after a breast lift?

Dr. Smith recommends that you plan on a week to 10 days off of work to recover from a breast lift. After 10 to 14 days, almost all bruising will have resolved, and your swelling will have dramatically improved. It can take several months for your swelling to completely resolve and reveal the final result of your procedure. Usually, Dr. Smith advises you to wait 4-6 weeks prior to resuming full activities, including upper body exercise or heavy lifting. This ensures adequate time for healing, so you can have a smooth recovery.

Book your breast lift consultation at the practice of Darren M. Smith, MD, today. You can arrange a private consultation online, or call us directly.


Procedure Summary

  • Purpose A breast lift, in medical terms a “mastopexy,” is a custom surgery to raise the breasts on the chest wall with the surgical removal of excess skin and reshaping existing breast tissue to create an attractive breast shape.



Dr. Smith and his staff are absolutely incredible. They made me feel welcome, comfortable, and listened to from the moment I first arrived for a consultation, all the way to my surgery and afterwards. The care I received from Dr. Smith, Annalise, and Julia was exemplary. I am thrilled with the results of my procedure, and sincerely can't recommend them highly enough.


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