A Comprehensive Guide to the Causes of Chin Liposuction Bad Results

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Big Dreams, Botched Procedures: Avoiding Unsatisfactory Outcomes with Chin Liposuction

A sculpted, youthful chin can make all the difference when it comes to facial aesthetics. But for many, a double chin or submental fullness obscures an otherwise balanced profile. If diet, exercise, and skincare fail to tackle chin fat, plastic surgery may offer the solution.

Chin liposuction promises to efficiently remove unwanted fat deposits under the chin and refine the area. However, while a successful procedure can indeed unlock a more defined, slimmed-down chin, things can also go wrong.

When performed by a skilled, experienced surgeon, chin liposuction delivers subtle, natural-looking results. But in some cases, patients are left with asymmetries, contour irregularities, scarring, skin laxity, or other unsightly effects.

So what leads to poor outcomes with chin liposuction? And what options exist for those seeking to correct or improve unsatisfactory results? This guide examines the causes, impacts, prevention, and solutions for chin lipo gone wrong.

Understanding Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction, also called submental liposuction, is a body contouring procedure that removes localized fat under the chin. It is an outpatient surgery performed under local or general anesthesia.

The surgeon makes a small incision under the chin and inserts a cannula attached to a vacuum device. The cannula dislodges and suctions out excess fat deposits in the submental area.

Patients choose chin liposuction to sharpen their jawline, reduce the appearance of a double chin and attain a more balanced, youthful facial profile.

When performed skillfully, the results can be dramatic yet subtle. But chin liposuction does come with risks like nerve damage, asymmetry, irregularities, and unsatisfactory scarring.

Common Causes of Unsatisfactory Outcomes

Multiple factors can contribute to a disappointing outcome after chin liposuction. Here are some of the main reasons patients may be unhappy with their results:

Inexperienced Surgeon

The skill and experience of the surgeon makes all the difference in avoiding bad outcomes with chin lipo. Opting for an unqualified provider who lacks specialized training and expertise in facial procedures often leads to unsatisfactory results. Always verify your surgeon’s credentials and look for one who is board-certified in plastic surgery.

Improper Technique

The nuances of chin liposuction technique play a major role in outcomes. If a surgeon is too aggressive and removes too much fat, it can lead to an abnormal, overly-scooped out appearance under the chin.

Under-removal of fat will leave behind excess tissue and a still-visible double chin. Lack of precision and symmetry in fat removal is another common technical error.

Unrealistic Expectations

Sometimes patients have extraordinarily high expectations that do not align with realistic outcomes. Chin liposuction can refine and enhance the chin profile, but it has limitations.

Factors like genetics, aging, and skin elasticity affect final results. Ensuring patients have reasonable expectations minimizes the chance of disappointment.

Physical Manifestations of Bad Results

double chin

When chin liposuction goes wrong, the undesirable effects may be noticeable in the following ways:


One side under the chin looks different than the other. This occurs when there is an imbalance in the amount of fat removed from each side.

Over-removal or Under-removal of Fat

Too much suctioning creates an overly hollowed, emaciated look. Not removing enough fat fails to adequately address a double chin. Both scenarios lead to an abnormal, unnatural appearance.


Thick, raised scars may form at incision sites due to poor surgical closure technique. Longer incisions also heighten scarring.

Skin Irregularities

Without proper underlying support after fat removal, the skin can look dimpled or take on a wavy appearance. This gives the chin area an uneven, irregular look.

Associated Complications

Aside from aesthetics, patients recovering from an unsatisfactory chin liposuction may also experience medical and health complications:

Nerve Injury

Aggressive liposuction risks damage to the marginal mandibular nerve, which can cause mouth drooping or a crooked smile.


Poor sterility and postoperative care may lead to infected incisions and serious complications.

Prolonged Swelling and Bruising

Excessive trauma to the area from poor technique results in more pronounced bruising and swelling that takes longer to resolve.

Emotional and Psychological Impacts

Visible facial imperfections after cosmetic surgery can take a heavy psychological toll. Patients coping with a botched chin liposuction often experience:

Body Image Issues

Unsatisfactory changes in appearance may worsen body dysmorphia and self-esteem.

The Stress of Additional Procedures

The potential need for revision surgery or other corrective treatments adds physical risk and emotional strain.

Preventing Unsatisfactory Results

While chin liposuction carries inherent risks, patients and surgeons can take proactive steps to maximize the chances of safe, satisfactory outcomes:

Thorough Consultation

Clear communication ensures the surgeon understands the patient’s goals and the patient has realistic expectations. 3D imaging further aligns the surgical plan.

Utilizing Technology

Laser-assisted liposuction and power-assisted liposuction allow for greater precision and reduce risks like nerve damage.

Proper Post-Surgery Care

Closely following all postoperative instructions speeds up healing and minimizes side effects like scarring.

Remedial Measures and Solutions

For patients already affected by unsatisfactory chin lipo results, options exist to potentially improve outcomes:

Revision Surgery

Additional sculpting by an experienced surgeon may be able to fix contour defects. But revision procedures have added risks.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Injectable dermal fillers can help correct small asymmetries or depressions without surgery.

Counseling and Support

Therapy and joining support communities help patients process difficult emotions following a bad experience.


before and after portrait of a woman who had chin liposuction procedure

Chin liposuction is an effective procedure for a more defined jawline and youthful profile when done right. But unsatisfactory outcomes do occur. Being an informed patient is key to avoiding disappointments.

Do your due diligence in selecting a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in facial aesthetics. Have a crystal clear understanding of the procedure’s capabilities and limitations.

Prepare for at least several weeks of post-procedure swelling, bruising, and restricted activities. And don’t hesitate to seek corrective measures if your results prove unsatisfactory.

When performed meticulously by a specialist like Dr. Darren M. Smith, chin liposuction is a trusted way to reveal your best profile. Schedule a one-on-one consultation today to learn if it’s right for you. To book your appointment with Dr. Darren M. Smith, call now at (212) 633-0627 or visit our website.