Vaser Lipo for Chin Fat Reduction in Patients Over 60

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An old woman's face after Chin Fat Reduction for patients over 60.

Uncover the Benefits and Precautions to Consider When Using Vaser Liposuction on the Chin

As we age, it’s common to lose definition along the jawline as fat accumulates under the chin. While diet and exercise can help, some stubborn fat deposits persist. Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy to safely remove unwanted fat from troublesome areas like the chin and neck. But is it right for you?

In this guide, leading New York plastic surgeon Dr. Darren M. Smith answers the most common questions around Vaser lipo for the chin in adults over 60. You’ll learn how the procedure works, what results to expect, risks to consider, and steps to take for optimal safety and a smooth recovery.

What Exactly Is Vaser Lipo and How Does It Work?

Vaser lipo is a type of minimally invasive procedure that uses ultrasound energy to eliminate fat cells before they are removed from the body.

It works differently than traditional liposuction. During a Vaser lipo treatment, the area being treated is filled with a numbing solution to reduce discomfort. The surgeon then inserts a small probe called a cannula through tiny incisions.

Ultrasound energy is delivered through the cannula into the surrounding fat tissue, breaking up the fat cell membranes. This liquefies the fat so it can be suctioned out much more easily.

The ultrasound energy is targeted and doesn’t impact other cells around the fat cells. This means it can shape and contour areas with even difficult-to-treat fat deposits.

Since the fat is liquefied before removal, Vaser lipo treats stubborn fat in areas like the chin, knees, and abdomen better than standard lipo. It also preserves the stem cells in fat, allowing harvested fat to be reused for augmentation.

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Can Vaser Lipo Safely Reduce Chin Fat for 60-year-olds?

A woman over 60 is pointing her finger at her chin, considering chin fat reduction.

Vaser liposuction is an effective option to remove excess fat under the chin in patients over 60. The procedure can contour the area for a more defined, youthful look.

The main advantage of Vaser lipo over traditional liposuction for the chin is that the ultrasound energy can target fat cells in fibrous areas many surgeons cannot treat with regular lipo.

However, the skin under the chin loses elasticity with age. Along with fat, an aging chin may have loose skin or muscle laxity. If present, a chin lift procedure may be required along with liposuction to lift and tighten loose neck skin for the best result.

What Are the Biggest Risks To Be Aware of?

While considered very safe, every procedure carries some risks. Some potential side effects and complications to be aware of with chin liposuction in older patients include:

  • Bruising and swelling for up to 2 weeks post-procedure
  • Asymmetry or irregular contours if fat removal is uneven
  • Delayed healing time due to decreased skin elasticity
  • Discomfort, numbness, or tingling that may last several weeks
  • Very low risk of infection

Older skin heals more slowly and has reduced elasticity. This means outcomes may not be as dramatic compared with younger patients. Proper patient selection is key.

What Is the Typical Recovery Timeline?

Recovery is quick for most patients. However, older patients over 60 may need to allow some extra healing time.

Here is the general recovery timeline:

TimeframeWhat to Expect
Days 1-3Moderate swelling and bruising are common.
Days 4-7Bruising and swelling start to fade. Discomfort subsides.
1-2 weeksReturn to non-strenuous daily activities. Bruising likely gone.
2-4 weeksMost swelling resolves but subtle swelling may persist up to 6 weeks.
6+ weeksSee final contour results. Follow up with the surgeon about any residual irregularities.

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Are There Age Limits for Chin Liposuction?

There is no strict age cutoff for Vaser lipo. More important than age is the patient’s skin tone and overall health status.

While Vaser can remove fat effectively from the chin in older patients, those over 60 may get longer-lasting results from a chin lift combined with liposuction to address fat as well as excess skin laxity.

Younger patients under 30 with good skin elasticity tend to see better skin tightening from liposuction alone. Discuss your options with Dr. Smith based on your unique factors.

What Steps Should Older Patients Take Before Chin Lipo?

A patient over 60 showing her chin

Older patients considering chin liposuction should take several important steps to prepare for the procedure and ensure the best results and recovery.

  1. Get a full medical evaluation. Older patients are more likely to have underlying health conditions that could impact healing or require special precautions during surgery. Controlling any medical issues ahead of time is important.
  2. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. Smoking significantly impairs healing and increases surgical risks like infections. Patients should quit smoking at least 6 weeks before chin lipo.
  3. Review medications with Dr. Smith. Blood thinners, aspirin, anti-inflammatories, and other drugs can increase bleeding risks. He may advise stopping certain medications 1-2 weeks before surgery.
  4. Arrange proper aftercare assistance. Having help during the first 3 days of recovery is highly recommended for medications, meals, hygiene, and getting up and down. Home health aides or family members may be able to assist.
  5. Discuss skin elasticity concerns. Skin loses collagen and elasticity with age. Dr. Smith may recommend combining chin lipo with skin tightening procedures for optimal results.
  6. Follow all pre- and post-procedure instructions. Things like fasting, compression garments, rest, medication, and post-op care are important for proper healing.
  7. Communicate thoroughly. Voicing all health history, concerns, goals, and medications allows the surgeon to best minimize risks and customize the procedure.

Diet and Lifestyle Tips To Maintain Your Result

The results of Vaser liposuction are permanent, as the fat cells removed do not grow back. However, weight gain can impact the appearance of the area. To maintain your result, it is best that you:

  • Stick to a healthy low-calorie diet focusing on lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.
  • Stay well hydrated every day to support healing and skin health.
  • Exercise regularly to maintain your weight, tone muscles, and support good circulation.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, smoking, and other factors that accelerate aging and skin damage.
  • Establish a regular skincare regimen including a high-quality moisturizer to nourish your skin.

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Combining Vaser Lipo With Other Facial Procedures

For optimal rejuvenation, especially in older patients, Vaser liposuction is often performed alongside other complementary procedures such as:

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tightens muscles in the neck area. When combined with chin and neck liposuction, it can comprehensively address both fat deposits and sagging skin for a rejuvenated neckline. The liposuction removes fat while the neck lift tightens loose skin.


A facelift lifts and sculpts the facial features to reduce signs of aging. Facial liposuction is an excellent complement, as it can remove any excess fat deposits around the cheeks, jowls and neck. The facelift addresses issues like skin laxity and drooping, while liposuction provides fat reduction and contouring.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing uses laser energy to smooth fine lines, reduce age spots, tighten skin and stimulate collagen production. When combined with facial liposuction, it provides both fat reduction and skin tightening for better overall facial rejuvenation. The two procedures work synergistically for more comprehensive improvements.


Dermal fillers and neuromodulators like Botox can also complement liposuction. Fillers replace lost volume in the face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and folds. Botox relaxes facial muscles to smooth wrinkles caused by repetitive motions. These injectables and liposuction can be done in stages – either before or after one another – to comprehensively rejuvenate the face.

Discuss all options with Dr. Darren M. Smith to create a customized anti-aging treatment plan. Combination therapy often yields optimal rejuvenation.

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