Expertly Recenter Your Smile After Chin Lipo

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A woman smiling after chin liposuction treatment

Dr. Smith’s surgical mastery rebalances your facial features for natural, harmonious beauty again.

You scrutinize your reflection in the mirror, frustrated by the uneven, lopsided grin staring back. Though you underwent chin liposuction to enhance your profile, you’re now left with a crooked smile and facial asymmetry. We understand how upsetting these post-procedure smile changes can be. But take heart—solutions exist.

At Dr. Darren Smith’s elite NYC plastic surgery center, we specialize in analyzing and correcting crooked grins after chin lipo. With his commitment to precision, Dr. Smith has helped numerous patients achieve facial harmony and balanced smiles again. 

What Leads to A Crooked Smile After Chin Liposuction?

A woman's chin after chin liposuction

Chin liposuction, also called submental lipo or chin lipoplasty, removes fat to recontour the area under the chin. It helps sharpen the jawline and smooth away “double chin.” 

While results are often dramatic, some patients notice their smile becomes uneven or seems off-center after surgery. What factors cause this?

Asymmetry in Fat Removal

If more fat gets removed from one side than the other during chin lipo, it can lead to slight distortion in the lower facial muscles. This muscular imbalance then impacts smile symmetry.

Differences in Facial Swelling

Post-procedure swelling is normal but may accumulate unevenly. If one side of your face remains swollen longer, it can temporarily skew the shape and alignment of your grin.

Nerve Inflammation or Damage

The mental nerve runs along the chin area and allows you to feel sensation. If impacted during surgery, temporary or permanent alterations in nerve function could affect lip position and control.

Preexisting Asymmetries

You likely had minor facial asymmetries before surgery. While imperceptible, removing fat can expose these subtle skeletal differences and make a smile seem off-center.

How We Analyze Your Crooked Smile Causes

A young woman expertly smiling with her hand on her face.

The first step in correcting crooked smile changes is identifying the root causes in your unique case. At our practice, we conduct thorough assessments, including:

  • Comparing pre- and post-procedure photographs to evaluate emerging asymmetry patterns. We’ll look closely at your lip alignment, corner height, and facial proportions from all angles.
  • Examining your face to detect swelling locations, nerve function, and muscular movement irregularities that could impact your smile.
  • Consulting your surgeon for procedure details, before and after imagery, and their perspective on potential factors causing smile misalignment.
  • Listening closely to your experience and concerns to understand when you first noticed changes and pinpoint areas of discomfort or altered sensation.
  • Ordering imaging or lab tests if necessary to fully evaluate your facial anatomy and nerve functionality.

By gathering this comprehensive information, we can then recommend customized cosmetic and medical treatments to realign your joyful expression.

Tailored Treatments to Realign Your Smile

Whether caused by swelling, muscular imbalance, or preexisting asymmetry, we have a variety of techniques to improve the alignment of your smile and restore facial harmony:

  • Reduce Asymmetry in Swelling – Specialized lymphatic drainage massage and proven swelling reduction remedies expedite resolution of any uneven post-surgical inflammation that may be skewing your smile.
  • Relax Certain Facial Muscles – Injecting targeted amounts of neuromodulators like Botox into overactive muscles on one side of the face can relax and rebalance your lip positioning and grin.
  • Stimulate Weakened Muscles – If some facial muscles were undercorrected and now lag behind, we can inject neurotoxins to gently paralyze the stronger muscles and allow the weaker ones to catch up, re-centering your smile.
  • Follow-up Liposuction to Even Fat Removal – If asymmetry in your chin lipo fat removal is significantly distorting your midface, we can perform revision liposuction to smooth and harmonize your profile.
  • Facial Exercises to Regain Strength – Custom facial yoga, massage, and muscle training help reestablish muscular control and symmetry to realign an uneven grin.
  • Dermal Fillers to Balance Volume – Strategic dermal filler injection in the lips, chin, or facial areas can add volume where needed to lift, plump, and evenly re-center your smile.

Why Choose Us

A woman's smile expertly recentered through chin lipo.

What sets Dr. Darren Smith’s center apart is his eye for balance, symmetry, and harmony. These aesthetic principles inform his entire approach, from his initial consultations to his masterful surgical skills.

With decades of experience, Dr. Smith has the intuition and artistry to determine exactly what your unique face needs to realign your smile and restore proportional facial features.

Our clients appreciate Dr. Smith’s warmth, honesty, and patience. He takes the time to listen thoughtfully, explain complex procedures, and design a treatment plan aligned with your specific beauty objectives. From your first visit onwards, you’ll feel empowered, guided, and supportive.

We know how disheartening a crooked grin can be after aesthetic surgery. But rest assured—in Dr. Smith’s capable hands, precision meets artistry to recenter your joyful expression. Contact us today to schedule your smile analysis consultation. Together, we’ll craft a plan to reveal your balanced, confident smile once more.