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As a parent, you want the absolute best for your child. When it comes to pediatric plastic surgery, you need a surgeon with specialized training, skill, and experience. Dr. Darren M. Smith is New York’s premier pediatric plastic surgeon, qualified to provide the safest, most advanced treatments for your child.

Your Trusted Choice for Pediatric Plastic Surgery in NYC’s Upper East Side

The success and safety of pediatric plastic surgery are deeply rooted in the specific expertise of the surgeon you choose.

Meet Dr. Darren Smith, a distinct presence in the realm of pediatric plastic surgery in New York. With a background that includes both craniofacial and aesthetic surgery fellowships, he is among the few with such comprehensive training.

His tenure at the prestigious Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto equipped him with a deep understanding of surgeries related to children’s facial and cranial areas.

Beyond that, he played a significant role in managing pediatric burns, given the hospital’s reputation for having one of Canada’s busiest burn units. With his aesthetic surgery knowledge, Dr. Smith ensures each procedure is carried out with precision, keeping the final visual appeal in mind.

Pediatric Cosmetic Procedures

With his elite training and specialization in pediatric plastic surgery, Dr. Smith is able to expertly treat the full range of pediatric conditions and injuries, including:

1. Otoplasty

Protruding ears can sometimes be a source of distress for children, drawing unwanted attention or comments from peers.

Otoplasty, commonly known as ear pinning, is a straightforward outpatient procedure designed to correct prominently set ears. Typically done around the age of seven, this is the time when ears have mostly matured and when children start becoming conscious of their looks.

2. Lacerations

Children, being the adventurous souls they are, often end up with cuts and scrapes. Whether it’s from outdoor play or sports, it’s a part of growing up.

If your child requires professional care, Dr. Smith can assist, either at his clinic or, in certain circumstances, the ER. If ever in doubt about the severity, please contact the clinic, but remember, in life-threatening situations, always call 911 first.

3. Burns

Burns in children can arise from various sources: flames, steam, electricity, and others. The immediate and right response is crucial.

If your child encounters a severe burn, always contact 911 first. Once stabilized, Dr. Smith, with his rich experience in pediatric burn management, will be available to ensure the best care and outcome.

4. Congenital Melanocytic Nevi (Birthmarks)

Many children may have small birthmarks. However, there are instances where a child could have a notably large birthmark, known as a congenital melanocytic nevus.

While some might consider its removal for aesthetic reasons, take note that there’s also evidence linking these large birthmarks to increased melanoma risk. Dr. Smith’s extensive experience ensures not only cosmetic satisfaction but also medical safety.

For a closer look at the transformative results, explore the BEFORE and AFTER surgical galleries of Dr. Darren M. Smith by clicking here.

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Pediatric Plastic Surgery Process

Initial Inquiry and Scheduling

When considering pediatric plastic surgery, your first step is to reach out to Dr. Smith’s office via phone or email. This allows you to discuss preliminary concerns and set up an initial consultation to get deeper into those concerns and possible solutions.


During this phase, you will sit down with Dr. Smith to discuss your concerns and desired outcomes in detail. This time also allows Dr. Smith to obtain a comprehensive medical history of the child, focusing on any previous injuries, surgeries, or health issues that might be pertinent to the surgical process.

Clinical Assessment

A thorough clinical assessment involves Dr. Smith physically examining the area of concern for the child. Beyond this, he evaluates the child’s overall health to ensure they’re a good candidate for surgery. This stage will culminate in a discussion about the specific procedure to be performed, its potential risks, and the expected outcomes.

Diagnostic Imaging (if required)

Sometimes, to get a clearer understanding of the issue, Dr. Smith might recommend certain diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays or MRIs. These images can offer a detailed view, aiding in surgical planning.

Procedure Recommendations

After the assessment, Dr. Smith will provide a recommendation for the most appropriate surgical procedure or treatment.

This includes an explanation of why he believes this is the best course of action and may also involve discussing any potential non-surgical alternatives.

Once a decision has been made regarding the procedure, the next step is to set a date for the surgery. Pre-operative instructions will be reviewed, ensuring the child is optimally prepared for the upcoming procedure.


Before the surgery, specific guidelines must be followed. This can include medication guidelines, dietary restrictions, and other pre-surgical precautions. There might also be pre-operative appointments scheduled to ensure everything is in order.

On the scheduled day, the child will then undergo the procedure, with Dr. Smith focusing on achieving the best possible outcome and aesthetic result.

Post-Operative Care

After the procedure, Dr. Smith’s team will provide detailed post-surgery instructions. This will encompass wound care, any necessary medications, and guidelines on activity levels. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor healing and address any concerns.

Follow-Up Visits

These visits are crucial for Dr. Smith to assess the healing process and the outcome of the surgery. It’s also an opportunity for parents to discuss any concerns or questions they might have about the recovery phase.

Final Evaluation

Once the healing process is deemed complete, a final consultation with Dr. Smith will be scheduled. Here, the overall outcome of the surgery will be discussed, along with any additional recommendations and long-term care instructions.

Before & After

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Why Parents Trust Dr. Smith

Parents seek out Dr. Smith from across New York and even out-of-state because of his stellar reputation, compassionate care, and proven results.

Dr. Smith loves being able to help children and parents move past challenges to achieve outcomes they once only dreamed of. There’s no greater reward than seeing his patients light up with joy and confidence.

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Customized Care for Your Child’s Needs

Dr. Smith knows that every child and every case is unique. He takes the time to understand your child’s condition, concerns, health history, goals, and emotional needs. Customizing his approach for each patient, Dr. Smith develops an individualized treatment plan to help your child thrive.

Commitment to Your Child’s Wellbeing

In pediatric plastic surgery, the well-being of the child is always the top priority.

Dr. Smith will take every step possible to ensure your child’s comfort, safety, and best possible outcome. He uses advanced techniques to minimize pain, scarring, and recovery time.

Dr. Smith’s excellent bedside manner also helps put children at ease. He takes the time to explain procedures in a way kids can understand, patiently answering all their questions.

Your child’s emotional health is just as important as their physical health.

FAQs About Pediatric Plastic Surgery

What unique experience does Dr. Smith bring to the field of pediatric plastic surgery?

Dr. Smith stands out among pediatric plastic surgeons with his comprehensive training in both craniofacial and aesthetic surgery. He honed his skills at the prestigious Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, dealing with a wide range of craniofacial conditions and managing pediatric patients with traumatic injuries, especially burns, combining advanced techniques and aesthetic concerns for optimal patient outcomes.

How does Dr. Smith’s background in aesthetic surgery enhance the results of reconstructive procedures?

Dr. Smith’s background in aesthetic surgery ensures that each reconstructive procedure is not only focused on restoring function but also considers aesthetic outcomes.

His commitment to high-quality care means that he addresses both therapeutic treatment needs and aesthetic concerns, ensuring that pediatric patients regain a normal life with confidence.

How does Dr. Smith’s approach to treating pediatric patients with facial deformities or craniofacial conditions set him apart from other facial plastic surgeons?

Given his specialized experience in craniofacial surgery, Dr. Smith offers a unique treatment plan tailored to each child. Beyond addressing common conditions, his additional training allows him to provide life-changing surgery solutions that enhance both function and appearance, ensuring a boosted quality of life for pediatric patients.

What steps does Dr. Smith’s surgical team take to ensure the safety and success of a surgical procedure?

Dr. Smith’s surgical team emphasizes patient care, utilizing advanced techniques and proven reconstructive techniques to ensure the safety and success of every pediatric surgery. Post-operative care is equally prioritized, with a keen eye on preventing complications such as tissue infection and ensuring optimal healing.

With the wide range of cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries available, how does Dr. Smith ensure a customized approach for each child’s needs?

Recognizing the unique needs of every pediatric patient, Dr. Smith ensures a tailored treatment plan.

He takes time to understand each child’s condition, health history, goals, and emotional requirements, ensuring that the selected cosmetic or reconstructive procedure aligns with the desired outcomes, optimizing both function and aesthetic results.

Let Dr. Smith Help Your Child

If your child could benefit from pediatric plastic surgery, look no further than top specialist Dr. Darren M. Smith. With his advanced fellowship training, custom care, and proven results, Dr. Smith has the expertise to transform your child’s condition, function, and outlook.

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Whether you prefer an in-person meeting at our Upper East Side, New York office or a virtual consultation, Dr. Smith ensures a thorough understanding of your child’s specific needs and aspirations.

To begin this transformative journey, simply call us at +1 (212) 633-0627 or conveniently book a consultation online.

Please reach out today to get started. Give your child the bright future they deserve with New York’s top pediatric plastic surgeon.

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