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Sally Hershberger NoMad

Dr. Darren Smith has partnered with Sally Hershberger to offer world-class facial aesthetic treatments at her renowned NoMad salon – a favorite for New York City’s most discerning clientele. Dr. Smith works closely with the resident aesthetic professionals at this premier NYC beauty destination to create stunning looks.

Dr. Smith is among the finest board-certified plastic surgeons practicing in New York and is widely regarded as a master of the art of cosmetic enhancement. Now, a selection of his most popular facial aesthetic offerings is available in NoMad.

His background and education afford him experience and perspective that extend far beyond what most plastic surgeons can offer, with fellowship training in both craniofacial surgery and aesthetic surgery – and it shows in the results he achieves. His understanding of facial structure, skin dynamics, and the value of a natural aesthetic has led to a reputation for excellence.

Dr. Darren Smith at Sally Hershberger NoMad in New York

You can discover facial enhancements at their best at Sally Hershberger’s NoMad Salon in New York. Dr. Smith provides the following services to clients in NoMad:

Aesthetic Consultations & Treatments

Dr. Darren Smith takes appointments at Sally Hershberger NoMad to discuss your aesthetic concerns and your ideas for a planned face or body enhancement. After this consultation, you can experience the most effective treatments to restore and enhance your natural beauty, right at the salon.


BOTOX: Only the most elegant results will suffice. At Sally Hershberger NoMad, Dr. Darren Smith has been called upon to work the magic he is known for: the delivery of a look that is beautiful, refreshed, youthful and smooth – as well as completely natural. BOTOX injections, when performed with meticulous care, can help you maintain the smooth, flawless skin that is universally admired. If you prefer the skin-smoothing effects of Dysport, Jeuveau, or Xeomin, we offer these products as well. The end result? Smooth, refreshed skin, free from the lines and creases created by constant facial motions.


Fillers: Clients at Sally Hershberger NoMad can enjoy Dr. Smith’s unique approach to cosmetic fillers. His reputation for using fillers to enhance facial structure and produce beautiful, natural results has generated a loyal following. Now, you can experience Dr. Smith’s world-class facial filler treatments in NoMad. Drawing on his extensive experience with facial aesthetics, Dr. Smith expertly uses filler to achieve a wide array of aesthetic goals. These range from creating plumper, more luscious lips with an exquisitely sculpted Cupid’s bow to the restoration of midface volume or the treatment of under-eye hollowing. Additionally, Dr. Darren Smith’s liquid facelift can restore lost volume to the temples, cheeks and jawline to enhance your overall facial appearance. Dr. Smith is also well known for his non-surgical nose job and chin enhancement, which alone or together can balance your profile. All of his meticulous treatments are centered on enhancing your existing features, ensuring a natural result. Dr. Smith’s excellent injection techniques are turning heads in NoMad, where clients can expect extraordinary results from every treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation with Morpheus8

Morpheus8: A groundbreaking development in aesthetic technology, the Morpheus8 system is the ultimate non-surgical method to tighten and restore aging skin. In the past, only surgical intervention could tighten skin and provide meaningful contour enhancement, but times have changed. Morpheus8 achieves true skin rejuvenation without surgery. With radiofrequency (RF) energy combined with custom microneedling, you can get glowing skin – look and feel years younger without the need to undergo a more invasive procedure. Your skin is restored from within, as natural collagen is regenerated for a significant increase in skin quality, texture and tone in a process known as “collagen induction therapy.” Treat fine lines and deep wrinkles, address stretch marks and cellulite, restore skin tone, smooth acne scars, and more with this revolutionary treatment. Morpheus8 is now available at Sally Hershberger NoMad in NYC, performed by leading aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Darren Smith.