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Mt. Vernon, New York, is an inner suburb of New York City, located immediately to the north of the Bronx. This city is a beautiful starting point for young families and is affordable for those who want to live near New York City. 

In this article, we will explore the population, history, quality of life, health, safety, shopping and dining, transportation, education, and points of interest in Mt. Vernon.

Mt. Vernon Population

Mt. Vernon is home to a diverse community, a melting pot of cultures with a dash of this and a pinch of that. 

According to the United States Census Bureau, it boasts a population of 73,893 souls. Here, you’ll find a lively mix of African American, Hispanic, and White residents, making it a vibrant tapestry of humanity. 

African American61.5%
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Mt. Vernon History

The roots of this city dig deep into history, all the way back to 1664. It’s the place where religious dissenter Anne Hutchinson met her fate at the hands of Native Americans in 1643. 

Fast forward to the 1850s, and a cooperative group known as the Industrial Home Association decided to call this place home. They even named it after the Father of Our Nation, George Washington. 

And let’s not forget, this city witnessed some of the fiery moments of the American Revolution, where brave souls fought to secure the future of a young nation. 🇺🇸

Quality of Life

Life in Mt. Vernon has an urban pulse to it. Most folks here choose to rent their abodes. But what’s the use of having a place to call your own when you’ve got a treasure trove of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks at your doorstep? 

Sure, the cost of living might be a tad higher than the national average, but hey, you’re getting the New York experience without completely emptying your wallet.

Health in Mt. Vernon

Health comes first, right? Mt. Vernon gets a big thumbs-up in this department with major hospitals like Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, and NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital. 

They’re considered as some of the best when it comes to healthcare, emergency care, surgery, and rehabilitation. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands here.

Shopping and Dining in Mt. Vernon

Shopaholics, take note! Mt. Vernon has your back with shopping centers like Cross County Shopping and The Mall at Bay Plaza. 

If you’re a fan of Target (who isn’t?), you’ll find one here too. And when hunger strikes, you’ve got a smorgasbord of cuisines to choose from, be it Italian, Mexican, or Chinese – Mt. Vernon’s got your taste buds covered. 

Transportation in Mt. Vernon

Commuting to the city that never sleeps is a breeze with three Metro-North Railroad stations at your service. Trains chug along every 30 minutes, whisking you away to the Big Apple for work or play. And let’s not forget the bus routes connecting you to neighboring cities and towns. 

Education in Mt. Vernon

Knowledge is power, and Mt. Vernon takes this seriously. Public and private schools offer top-notch education. 

The Mt. Vernon City School District is your go-to for a safe and nurturing learning environment. Private options like the Graham School and the Milestone School provide additional choices for parents looking to give their kids a stellar education. 

Points of Interest in Mt. Vernon

Last but not least, Mt. Vernon is a treasure trove of attractions. Whether you’re into history, nature, or just plain fun, there’s something for everyone. 

From the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden to the Bronx Zoo, there’s a wealth of places to explore. It’s like a buffet of experiences just waiting for you to dig in. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mt Vernon NY

What is the population of Mt. Vernon, NY?

The population of Mt. Vernon, NY, is approximately 73,893, according to the United States Census Bureau.

What is the history of Mt. Vernon, NY?

Mt. Vernon, NY, was settled in 1664, and it gained prominence when the Industrial Home Association purchased land there in the early 1850s. It’s also known for its role in the American Revolution.

How would you describe the quality of life in Mt. Vernon, NY?

Mt. Vernon offers an urban feel, with a mix of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The cost of living is higher than the national average but still affordable for the New York metropolitan area.

What healthcare facilities are available in Mt. Vernon, NY?

Mt. Vernon has major hospitals, including Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, and NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital.

What are the shopping options in Mt. Vernon, NY?

Shoppers can explore places like Cross County Shopping and The Mall at Bay Plaza. There’s also a Target for retail therapy.

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