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Get your body back with a mommy makeover in NYC

Imagine having your pre-baby body back! Pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding cause the body to go through tremendous changes and strain. A mommy makeover works to improve all of those areas that were exposed to the significant physical stressors of having children. The procedures performed in this total body makeover may include breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, body sculpting with liposuction, and more, all custom-tailored to correct the changes your body underwent from pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Board-certified plastic surgeon on the Upper East side

Darren M. Smith, MD, is a board-certified plastic surgeon who takes the finest care of his patients from within New York City and from across the globe, helping them regain a pre-pregnancy body and once again love the way they look. Call the office today or book online to learn more about Dr. Darren Smith’s unique, whole-patient approach to a custom mommy makeover.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover aims to restore the shape and appearance of a woman’s body after undergoing the changes associated with pregnancy, giving birth, and breastfeeding children. Typical areas of the body the mommy makeover addresses include:

  • Breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Waist
  • Genitalia
  • Buttocks

This procedure is an efficient way to address multiple issues in a single surgery. Every woman experiences unique changes during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Each custom mommy makeover is individually-tailored to meet your specific body image goals.

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Who is a good candidate for a mommy makeover in NYC?

An ideal candidate for a NYC mommy makeover is:

  • In good medical health
  • At their ideal body weight
  • Has a positive outlook and realistic expectations
  • Is finished with childbearing
  • is 6 months post-delivery (or breastfeeding)

Dr. Smith will work closely with you during a private consultation to address all of your specific needs, as well as to review your medical history, medications, previous surgeries, and other pertinent information. This will help him to design a custom-tailored surgical plan for a mommy makeover that addresses your specific needs.

What can I expect during the surgery?

The procedures performed as part of a mommy makeover at our luxury private practice in Manhattan may include one or more of the following:

Breast augmentation

Your breasts may appear deflated, no longer looking perky, rounded, and youthful. Breast augmentation can be performed by placing implants or with a custom natural fat transfer procedure to restore lost volume.

Breast lift (“mastopexy”)

If your breasts appear saggy or droopy, they can be restored with a custom breast lift to remove excess skin and lift the breasts back to a youthful position on the chest wall. A breast lift can also correct the size, shape and position of the nipple and areola (nipple areola complex).

Breast Reduction

Some women struggle with overlarge breasts, leading to discomfort, rashes, back pain, neck pain and other symptoms. A breast reduction will remove excess skin, fat, and tissue to reduce the size and reshape the breasts and nipple structure to create a more youthful, fresh appearance.

Nipple and Areola Reshaping

Your nipples and areolas may have changed size and shape during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with areolas becoming stretched and asymmetrical and nipples becoming longer than you may prefer. The size and shape of your areolas can be corrected with a simple procedure, and over-projected nipples can be refined with a straightforward procedure as well.

Tummy tuck

Your abdomen may demonstrate significant changes after pregnancy. Stretch marks, saggy skin, excess fat that no exercise seems to resolve, or weak or separated abdominal muscles can be restored to a fit, firm, taut, youthful look with a custom tummy tuck in NYC or abdominoplasty.

Buttock augmentation

Your buttocks can be enhanced to appear lifted, round, and attractive in a custom buttock augmentation. These procedures may take the form of a Brazilian butt lift (natural fat transfer) or a custom surgery to lift and enhance your look with implants to create a beautiful, rounded derriere.


Your body naturally stores extra fat during pregnancy, a genetic holdover from days when a shortage of nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding may have been an issue. These fatty deposits are often very difficult to resolve with diet and exercise, but with our advanced liposuction treatments they can be easily removed to restore your youthful, sculpted figure.

Vaginal rejuvenation

If you are embarrassed, uncomfortable, or struggling with changes to your vagina, a custom surgical reshaping of labial tissue can restore a youthful appearance and address issues related to function, form and the enjoyment of intimacy.

Dr. Smith is experienced in each of these procedures and can expertly explain their respective nuances, expected results, and recovery process.

What breast procedures are part of a mommy makeover?

The procedure that is indicated as part of a mommy makeover for a given person depends on what changes her breasts underwent. So for someone whose breasts lost volume as a result of pregnancy, a breast augmentation would be the procedure of choice. For someone whose breasts became more ptotic or ‘droopy” as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding, a breast lift would be indicated. For someone whose breasts both lost volume and became ptotic, an augmentation mastopexy or breast lift with breast implants would be a good option. For someone who gained a lot of breast volume during pregnancy, a breast reduction might be the procedure of choice.

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What is the role of abdominoplasty in a mommy makeover?

In terms of the abdomen, there is a predictable series of changes that occurs during pregnancy. As the uterus expands to make room for the growing fetus, it often pushes the rectus abdominis muscles, the six pack muscles, apart in the midline causing a weakening of the abdominal wall called a rectus diastasis. And the rectus diastasis is visible as a lower abdominal bulge. At the same time, there's often an increase in abdominal fat during pregnancy.

As the skin envelope expands to accommodate the growing uterus and additional abdominal fat, the overall skin surface area increases as well. After delivery when the volume of the uterus returns to normal and the abdomen begins to approach it's pre-pregnancy size, the skin envelope often isn't able to completely contract back to its pre-pregnancy volume. And it's this differential between the volume of the abdomen and the surface area of the skin that can lead to the characteristic rippling or skin laxity and skin access that can be seen in the postpartum period. At the same time, after pregnancy and after breastfeeding is completed, the volume of abdominal fat often returns to normal, but this occurs in varying degrees.

So essentially each patient needs to be evaluated on an individual basis to see the extent of change that occurred in each of these three treatable areas of the abdomen, namely the muscles of the abdominal wall, that's the rectus muscles that can become separated to form a rectus diastasis, the amount of fat in the abdomen and also the degree of skin laxity. And it is based on these changes that the best operation for that patient is chosen.

For example, in someone that has a severe rectus diastasis and significant skin laxity and also some remaining abdominal fat, a full tummy tuck would be the operation of choice. Alternatively, someone that doesn't have much of a rectus diastasis and has only mild or moderate skin laxity and only some remaining fat could potentially do very well with a liposuction procedure and some radiofrequency skin tightening. So from this discussion so far, we've shown that a mommy makeover usually consists of some kind of breast operation and some kind of abdominal operation and the exact combination depends on the needs of the individual.

What other procedures might be included in a mommy makeover?

Liposuction is also very frequently included in a mommy makeover to help take care of fat that has been redistributed in an unpleasing way as a result of the pregnancy. Frequent areas of concern include the mons, the waist, the lower back, and the thighs.

Pregnancy, and especially breastfeeding, can also take its toll on the shape and size of the nipples and areola themselves. So procedures like a nipple reduction or an areola reduction might be desired by a patient that wants to restore these areas to their pre-pregnancy appearance.

The labia may also become distorted from pregnancy and delivery. So labiaplasty may also be included as part of a mommy makeover. The overall tightness and configuration of the vaginal canal can also be altered as a result of giving birth. And one procedure we've seen great success with in this context is Emsella, which uses HIFEM, or highly focused electromagnetic energy, to essentially do the equivalent of 20,000 Kegel exercises in 30 minutes. And this procedure is completely noninvasive and can be performed while the patient is clothed.

Mommy Makeover FAQ

How long does recovery take?

After your mommy makeover surgery in NYC, you will be wearing compression and support garments appropriate for the specific procedures you had. In general, you should allow two weeks before returning to an office job, and approximately five to six weeks before returning to full activity levels. This will depend on the number and type of procedures you have.

While you will see a very nice change immediately after surgery, it will take a few months for the swelling of your breasts, abdomen, genitalia, or buttocks to resolve to the point that your final results are achieved.

Since every mommy makeover is tailored specifically to the patient, Dr. Smith will ensure you have full and complete postoperative instructions, along with an exceptional level of post-operative care and attention.

What can I expect from the results?

A mommy makeover is designed to return your body as closely as possible to its pre-pregnancy appearance – or better. For example, if your breasts lost volume and sagged as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding, they will be lifted and volumized; if your abdomen developed a bulge and became soft, it will once again be youthful, tight, and flat.

Will I have many scars after a mommy makeover?

The restoration of your pre-baby body will require incisions that leave scars, but they will be placed in the most discreet locations possible. Dr. Smith is highly skilled at expertly placing the smallest possible incisions in the least noticeable areas. You will be free to wear revealing clothing with no concerns about visible scars.

Will all the procedures be performed in one surgery?

Having multiple procedures in one surgical appointment can be a transformative experience. It offers a savings in time (one recovery for several operations) and cost (one set of anesthesia and operating room fees for several operations). Some patients will be better served by having two surgeries. Every case is unique, and Dr. Smith will work with you to develop a surgical plan most appropriate for your goals.

Why choose Dr. Darren Smith for my mommy makeover in NYC?

Dr. Smith performs all of his surgeries in a fully-accredited private facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology that follows the most stringent safety protocols. Not only does Dr. Smith have an outstanding reputation as a plastic surgeon as shown by his stellar reviews, but he has also published scholarly papers in the leading plastic surgery literature trusted by plastic surgeons around the globe on his advanced techniques for safe, effective, multi-procedure mommy makeovers.

Dr. Smith stands out from the crowd of plastic surgeons. His education and training are far above and beyond that of most surgeons, and this extensive training
and resulting finely honed skillset produce superb results. His background includes one of the top aesthetic surgery fellowships in the world, where he became expert at the most advanced cosmetic surgery techniques. This experience has, in turn, lead to truly superior surgical outcomes.

Our practice: Discretion, comfort, and superior results.

Dr. Smith’s practice provides the highest level of service in every way, including a friendly, comfortable environment, where we employ advanced patient safety protocols, consistently achieve exceptional results, and offer the highest level of personalized aftercare.

To see if a mommy makeover is right for you, book a consultation at the office of Darren M. Smith, MD. You can book your appointment online or call the office.


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