Is Arm Liposuction Worth It?

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Unlock a New Level of Confidence with Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction can be worth it for reducing excess fat in the arms if you are otherwise healthy and have good skin elasticity. It can help improve the contour and shape of your arms. 

The ideal candidate for arm liposuction is someone who is near their ideal weight. It works best to improve body contouring rather than for weight loss.

Dr. Darren Smith, a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience in arm liposuction, provides a comprehensive exploration of this transformative procedure. 

If sculpted, contoured arms are your goal, trust Dr. Smith’s expertise to guide your informed decision. 

Is arm liposuction effective?

Arm liposuction can be an effective procedure for reducing unwanted fat deposits and contouring the arms.

The fat cells are removed during liposuction, so the outcome can be permanent if weight is maintained.

Radiofrequency-assisted liposuction may improve skin retraction for arm contouring compared to traditional liposuction alone.

However, patient selection is important to manage expectations, as liposuction alone may not address skin laxity or be effective for weight loss. Combining liposuction with other procedures like an arm lift can provide better outcomes for skin improvement.

Are You Eligible For Arm Liposuction?

A woman is undergoing an arm scan by a doctor for potential arm liposuction.

People with good skin tone and elasticity are best candidates for arm lipo as liposuction alone may not improve loose or sagging skin. A brachioplasty (arm lift) may be required. 

Other factors like your age, medical conditions and medications being taken can also affect eligibility and surgery risks. 

To determine your suitability, schedule a consultation with us. Dr. Smith will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health history, skin elasticity, fat distribution, and objectives.

Arm Lipo Pros and Cons

1. Reduces stubborn arm fat1. Doesn’t address sagging skin which may be present after fat removal
2. Reveals muscle tone developed through exercise2. May lead to swelling and bruising in treated areas
3. Quick recovery compared to arm lift3. Long-term results require maintaining a healthy lifestyle
4. Tones arms faster with minimal downtime 

Arm Liposuction Outcomes

Arm liposuction is commonly performed to contour and reduce excess fat in the arms. Several studies have analyzed the outcomes:

Arm Liposuction Recovery

  • Wearing a compression garment or sleeve around the arm for 2-4 weeks after surgery to help with swelling and bruising
  • Experiencing some soreness and bruising for the first 1-2 weeks as the body heals
  • Avoiding strenuous exercise or heavy lifting with the treated arms for 2-4 weeks
  • Most patients feel able to return to work within 1-2 weeks
  • Swelling usually decreases around the 1 month mark but may persist longer
  • Full recovery can take 4-6 weeks as the body finishes healing

The compression garment and taking it easy on the arms during healing helps the recovery process after arm liposuction. Most people are able to resume normal activities within 2-4 weeks.

Arm liposuction vs. other cosmetic treatments

Arm liposuction, arm lifts, and nonsurgical options can all help reduce the appearance of fat or skin laxity in the arms, but they work through different mechanisms. 

Consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Darren Smith can help determine which treatment is best based on individual goals and concerns.

An arm lift is another surgical option that removes excess skin and tissue to tighten the skin of the upper arms and back of the arms. It may be a better option than liposuction for people with loose or sagging skin.

Non Surgical fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting and BodyTite use controlled cooling to break down and eliminate fat cells from the treated areas. These procedures target fat reduction without surgery.

Other potential cosmetic treatments for the arms include fillers, Botox, and laser treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite or skin imperfections.

Do Arm Lipo Treatments Leave Loose Skin?

Liposuction removes fat but does not tighten skin – loose skin is possible depending on individual factors.

The amount of loose skin after arm lipo depends on factors like skin elasticity and how much fat is removed. Skin tightening procedures can be combined with liposuction to reduce loose skin.

What happens during arm liposuction?

This is what happens during an arm lipo procedure:

  1. A thin tube called a cannula is inserted into small incisions made in the targeted area of the arm.
  2. The cannula is connected to a vacuum-powered suction device. Dr. Smith uses the cannula to break up and suction out pockets of fat just under the skin.
  3. Local anesthesia and sometimes light sedation is used to numb the area and make the patient comfortable during the procedure.
  4. After removing the fat, the incisions are closed with sutures or surgical tape.
  5. The arms will be swollen and bruised after surgery but will gradually improve over several weeks as the body heals.
  6. The goal is a slimmer, contoured arm shape with reduced circumference and improved skin tone.

Additional procedures like brachioplasty (arm lift) may be performed to further improve skin laxity and tighten loose skin.

Arm Liposuction Cost

On average, the cost of arm liposuction can range from $6,000 to $12,000 and varies depending on multiple factors. You can check our online lipo cost calculator to learn more. 

Are The Results Of Arm Lipo Permanent?

Discover the transformative results of arm lipo with stunning before and after photos.

The results of arm liposuction can be long-lasting but are generally not considered permanent. Some key points:

While arm liposuction permanently removes fat cells, lifestyle factors play a role in long-term maintenance. Results tend to be long-lasting but not completely permanent. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to preserve liposuction outcomes.

Ready to achieve the sculpted, confident arms you’ve always wanted? 

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