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Everything You Need to Know About the Cohesive Gel Option

Gummy bear breast augmentation utilizes form-stable, anatomically shaped implants to provide patients with a natural-looking breast profile. During the procedure, a board-certified plastic surgeon strategically places these cohesive gel implants to gently lift the breasts for a fuller appearance.

Dreaming of perkier, fuller breasts? Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular tweaks in the cosmetic surgery candy store. If you’re ready to take the plunge and enhance your breasts, you have tempting options to choose from. One of the latest marvels of breast implant technology is the “gummy bear” implant—so called because its cohesive silicone gel filling holds its shape even when sliced like the chewy candies.

These sculpted super implants mimic the supple look and feel of natural breast tissue far better than run-of-the-mill implants. Their solid yet responsive gel filling acts more like real mammary magic than the fillers of the past.

Gummy bear breast implants offer advantages galore compared to other enhancement methods. However, they may not be the ideal choice for every patient. Here’s the complete skinny on everything you need to know about these tantalizing new gummy bear implants.

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Benefits of Gummy Bear Breast Implants

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The main benefits of gummy bear implants include:

More natural look and feel

The cohesive gel in these implants retains its shape uniformly. This avoids implant rippling or folding, providing a very natural slope and shape. The gel also has a firmness comparable to breast tissue.

Holds form when ruptured

Unlike traditional silicone or saline implants, gummy bear implants maintain their shape even if the shell ruptures. The gel is too thick to leak out, so your breast size and shape are preserved.

May reduce capsular contracture

Capsular contracture, or scar tissue formation around the implant, may be less likely with gummy bear implants. Reported rates range from 0-18% compared to 5-50% for traditional silicone gel implants.

Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants Safe?

Gummy bear implants are silicone breast implants that contain a more cohesive gel compared to traditional silicone gel implants. More cohesive filler makes these implants safer, however, there are ongoing concerns about the safety of all types of silicone breast implants.

While the FDA approved Sientra’s cohesive silicone gel implants in 2013 after clinical trials, questions remain. The FDA advises patients that all breast implants pose risks like rupture, wrinkling, asymmetry, scarring, infection, swelling, pain, and implant removal.

One specific concern is the rare cancer Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Evidence suggests a potentially higher risk of BIA-ALCL with textured implants, including gummy bear versions, compared to smooth implants. However, more research is still needed on the cancer risks.

Patients considering gummy bear or any breast implants should have an in-depth discussion with an expert plastic surgeon about the potential risks and benefits. Appropriate patient selection, surgical technique, and long-term monitoring are deemed important to help reduce complications.

What’s the Price Tag for Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation?

Gummy bear breast implants, also known as form-stable implants, tend to be one of the more expensive options for breast augmentation in New York City.

On average, the total cost of gummy bear implant surgery ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. The implants themselves are pricier than saline or traditional silicone gel implants. Since gummy bear implants also require a larger incision for insertion, there may be additional anesthesia fees or operating room time added as well.

However, some patients find the benefits of gummy bear implants make them worth the extra cost. They maintain their shape better than other implant types and have a very low risk of rippling or wrinkling.

When budgeting for a gummy bear breast augmentation in NYC, make sure to account for the surgeon’s fees, facility charges, medical tests, and any follow-up visits or revision surgeries that may be necessary down the road. While not the most affordable option, many feel the results are worth the investment.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Gummy Bear Breast Surgery?

Gummy bear breast implants have become a popular option for breast augmentation due to their ability to provide a very natural shape and slope. The cohesive gel filling maintains its form well, without collapsing or rippling. This makes gummy bears an excellent choice for:

Good Candidates for Gummy Bear ImplantsHow Gummy Bear Implant Works
Women with very little natural breast tissue or sagging who want to achieve a fuller, rounder contourThe cohesive gel is ideal for adding volume and upper pole fullness.
Patients who want a smooth, natural feel without any visible implant edgesThe cohesive gel hugs the implant shell evenly.
Those seeking a substantial increase in cup size, from small to moderate or large volume breastsThe cohesive gel is robust enough to maintain shape with larger sizes.
Athletes or very thin patients with minimal natural padding over the implantThe cohesive gel resists rippling or wrinkling, even with less tissue coverage.
Individuals wanting long-term durability and maintenance of the implant shape over timeThe cohesive gel is less likely to collapse or deform years later.

The firmer gel and need for a larger surgical incision may make gummy bear implants less optimal for petite women wanting a smaller increase in breast size. Women should be at least 22 years old due to FDA guidelines on silicone implants. 

Carefully reviewing your aesthetic goals and options with your plastic surgeon is recommended to determine if you are a good candidate for gummy bear breast implants. Advanced 3D imaging can help visualize potential outcomes.

Steps of the Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation Procedure

The gummy bear breast implant surgery process includes:

  1. Consultation: Dr. Smith will examine your breasts and skin quality to advise on optimal incision placement, implant size or profile, and over vs. under the muscle placement. Be sure to convey your goals.
  2. Incision: Based on your anatomy, incisions are made either around the areola, under the breast, in the armpit area, or even through the navel for a transumbilical approach.
  3. Implant Insertion: Using surgical instruments, he carefully maneuvers the cohesive gel implant into position either above or below your pectoral chest muscle. Precise placement helps ensure a natural look.
  4. Closing the Incision: Dissolvable sutures close the incisions. Temporary drainage tubes may be placed to prevent fluid buildup. Dr. Smith applies surgical dressings over the closure sites.
  5. Follow up with Dr. Smith: Within 5-7 days, you’ll follow up with Dr. Smith to monitor your recovery and remove any dressings, tape, or drains. Most patients feel major improvement after 6-8 weeks as swelling resolves.

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What’s the Recovery Like After Gummy Bear Implant Surgery?

During days 1-3, patients can expect swelling, bruising, and mild to moderate pain. Patients should take their prescribed pain medications during this time. Light walking is encouraged starting the day after surgery.

By days 4-7, swelling will start to decrease. However, soreness and discomfort will still persist. Patients can usually resume light daily activities like showering during this time.

During week 2, sutures are removed. Swelling continues to diminish. Discomfort also subsides. Patients may be able to return to work at the end of week 2 if their job is not strenuous.

Weeks 3-4 see most of the swelling gone. Patients experience increased mobility and less soreness. They can resume regular daily activities, except for lifting restrictions.

By weeks 5-6, incisions are fully healed. Swelling is minimal. Patients can resume cardiovascular exercise during this time. However, they should still avoid heavy lifting or pushing/pulling motions.

During weeks 7-8, patients are close to full recovery. All exercise restrictions are lifted except for the heaviest weights.

By weeks 9-12, most patients have achieved complete recovery. They are cleared for all normal activities including heavy lifting and strength training.

In the 3-6 months after surgery, final results become visible as implants settle into position. Any residual swelling is gone. Numbness from nerve damage resolves.

Dr. Smith will provide medication to help control post-op pain as you recover. Follow all incision care and activity instructions carefully during the healing process.

Why Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon is Critical

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Gummy bear implants have unique characteristics that demand advanced surgical skills and experience. An unqualified surgeon could lead to disappointing aesthetic results or dangerous complications.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is critical for getting gummy bear breast implants for a few key reasons:

  1. Gummy bear implants maintain their shape due to a highly cohesive silicone filler.

This allows them to hold teardrop profiles and upper pole fullness unlike traditional rounder implants. An expert surgeon will thoughtfully evaluate your breast characteristics and objectives to determine the optimal gummy bear shape and size for natural, balanced results.

  1. Proper surgical technique is imperative when working with gummy bear implants to prevent complications like visible wrinkling or rotation.

The implants must be precisely positioned in place and require different handling compared to saline or silicone. An unqualified surgeon may improperly place the implants, leading to suboptimal results.

  1. Revision surgeries tend to be more tricky with gummy bear implants versus other types. 

An experienced surgeon can help avoid common complications and the possible need for future revisions.

Only work with a board-certified plastic surgeon with proper training in gummy bear breast augmentation. Highly qualified surgeons like Dr. Smith help ensure optimal gummy bear implant results.

During your consultation, be sure to ask about:

  • Surgeon qualifications, training, experience with gummy implant placement
  • Surgical technique differences for transaxillary/transumbilical approaches
  • Implant profile and size recommendations based on your anatomy
  • Over the muscle versus under the muscle placement pros and cons
  • Incision placement approaches for both breasts
  • Implant manufacturer and product specifications
  • Directions for recovery and follow-up care

Get the Natural, Beautiful Results You Want

For breast enhancement with an exceptionally soft, natural look and feel, gummy bear implants deliver impressive aesthetic benefits. Their cohesive filling avoids visible wrinkles while retaining a very natural slope and shape. 

By selecting a top surgeon like Dr. Smith, you can feel confident you’ll achieve the fuller, shapelier profile you desire with these innovative gummy bear implants.

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