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PRP is used to promote cell regeneration and to enhance your body’s natural ability to heal. As a hair growth and skin rejuvenation treatment, PRP works by triggering natural cell regeneration. PRP is often used in combination with other aesthetic therapies to enhance the quality of their results, for both women and men.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is created from a small sample of your blood. The blood is processed and separates into layers, one of which is platelet-rich plasma. Platelets are healing blood cells that flood into a wounded area to stimulate healing, such as when you get a cut or a scrape. PRP is rich in growth factors and nutrients that aid in the natural healing process. These growth factors are proteins that have the extraordinary capacity to induce cell growth and regeneration.

Am I a candidate for PRP?

Candidates for treatment with PRP are in good health and looking for a natural, minimally invasive procedure. You may be a candidate if you:

  • Are in the first stages of hair thinning
  • Are suffering from androgenic alopecia
  • You suffer from skin issues such as wrinkles or acne scarring
  • Want healthier, more youthful skin

To determine whether PRP is the best treatment for your concerns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Darren Smith today. He will review your medical history and answer any questions that you may have about PRP treatments.

PRP for hair growth treatment

PRP is often used as a single hair growth treatment, or in combination with other hair restoration procedures. PRP injections into the scalp stimulate blood circulation in the area to enhance new cell growth. When the PRP is delivered to the scalp, it essentially “wakes up” dormant hair follicles with renewed blood supply, leading to healthier, thicker hair.

If your hair has become thin and fine, PRP can help to restore your hair follicles so they produce more abundant, healthier strands of hair.

PRP for skin rejuvenation

PRP for skin rejuvenation involves extracting the PRP and then injecting the PRP into specific points on your skin. Microneedling with PRP is performed after a topical anesthetic has been applied to minimize discomfort.

PRP used in combination with microneedling allows the PRP to enter the microchannels created by the process. The PRP penetrates the deeper layers of your skin to speed healing and stimulate natural skin rejuvenation. This treatment can boost collagen production, smooth your skin, and restore vitality, firmness, and health.

Why should I choose Dr. Darren Smith?

Dr. Darren Smith is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a highly trained injector. He will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about skin and hair rejuvenation.

Dr. Smith has garnered a reputation for excellence in skin and hair rejuvenation. He offers a wide array of treatments, including PRP injections for hair growth and skin rejuvenation. His level of training is above and beyond what most plastic surgeons offer, and his scope of skill and knowledge has led to a reputation as the premier expert in hair and skin rejuvenation. Schedule a consultation today to take a step towards naturally enhancing your hair and skin.


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  • PRP Hair Restoration NYC
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