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Although this is a fairly common condition, inverted nipples can be embarrassing and leave a person feeling self-conscious in intimate situations. Depending on the degree of inversion, they can also interfere with breastfeeding. Inverted nipple correction is a simple surgical procedure to correct nipple inversion, with results that are immediate and long-lasting.

What are inverted nipples?

Also known as nipple inversion or retracted nipples, inverted nipples present as a condition in which the nipples are pulled into the breasts instead of pointing outward. This condition can occur in both women and men. In some cases, only one nipple is inverted. A person can be born with inverted nipples or develop the condition later in life.

Why choose Dr. Darren Smith?

Dr. Smith treats patients in their 20s to 60s, of varying ethnicities, and from all walks of life. His practice provides the highest level of service and care in a friendly, comfortable environment with advanced safety protocols, personalized aftercare, and outstanding results.

Dr. Smith is a conservative plastic surgeon. He never simply jumps into surgery, instead taking the time he needs to fully assess the patient, his or her needs, and then develop the correct approach. He also takes the time to build real relationships with his patients.

His training and subsequent results are what sets Dr. Smith apart from other surgeons in the New York City area. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has completed fellowships in both aesthetic surgery and craniofacial surgery.

What can I expect in an inverted nipple correction procedure?

This is a simple procedure that takes less than an hour and can be performed with the patient under local anesthesia. Inverted nipple correction can also be combined with other cosmetic procedures.

A small incision is made in the lower nipple, the nipple is lifted up, and the tethering tissue is released.

Vertical and horizontal dissolvable sutures are used to support nipple projection.

A protective device may be placed over the nipple for a few days after surgery to hold it in position and prevent retraction during the healing process.

What is recovery like after inverted nipple correction?

  • You can expect to have visible bruising and swelling, which should resolve within one to two weeks.
  • Avoid vigorous activities for one to two weeks after the procedure.
  • You can return to work the next day after inverted nipple correction surgery.

Inverted Nipple Correction FAQ

Will I still be able to breastfeed after inverted nipple correction?

Most likely, yes. In the past, nipple inversion surgery involved severing the milk ducts to release the nipple. Advanced surgical techniques today preserve the milk ducts and focus instead on releasing surrounding fibers holding the nipple in. The fibers are spread and stretched, not severed, through a small incision in the areola while the nipple is held in a projecting position.

Will I have scars after inverted nipple surgery?

Inverted nipple correction is a minimally-invasive procedure. Incisions are small and scarring is typically not noticeable. Incision lines are further disguised by the natural color variations and bumpy surfaces of the nipple and areola.

Are there non-surgical treatments for inverted nipples?

There are different levels of nipple inversion. Depending on the degree, non-surgical treatment may be an option in some cases. For example, a small fat graft, Juvéderm Voluma, or Radiesse may be injected under the nipple to help prevent it from contracting. In some instances, a small implant may be used as well.

What causes inverted nipples?

Inverted nipples are often congenital – present at birth. When they appear later in life, it may an indication of an underlying medical condition, such as:

  • Mastitis (infection of the mammary gland)
  • Duct ectasia (abnormal dilation of a duct in the breast tissue)
  • Abscess under the areola
  • Breast surgery complications
  • Breast cancer


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