What’s Scarier than a Bad Nose Job?


Unsatisfactory plastic surgery results are always disheartening, but a less than stellar nose job can be extra disappointing. Your nose’s central position on your face can make its crooked, collapsed, or improperly angled appearance fairly obvious to the average observer. Your less-than-ideal rhinoplasty is sitting front and center.

Worst of all, since it can take up to a year to see the final result of a rhinoplasty, you had to wait quite a while before giving up on the idea that your nose would look better once the swelling resolved. A year has passed. You now realize that you need a revision rhinoplasty, but you don’t want to be disappointed again. Where do you go from here?

The first step is to make a decision: can you live with the nose that you now have, or does it need to b fixed? If it needs to be fixed, and you have a good relationship with your original surgeon, and he or she is an excellent rhinoplasty surgeon, it may be worth discussing the issue with that surgeon. Even excellent surgeons sometimes have suboptimal outcomes. If, however, you cannot or do not want to go back to your original surgeon, you should start to search for an expert plastic surgeon to perform your revision surgery. While Groupon might be great for an occasional facial or other light aesthetic treatment, when it comes to plastic surgery of your face, the last thing you want is a bargain-basement special. Darren M. Smith, MD — one of New York City’s premier experts in aesthetic surgery — strongly recommends that you focus your search on expertise instead.

You can learn about the top plastic surgeons in the field by searching medical websites, getting recommendations from friends, and reading consumer forums. Conduct in-person interviews with surgeons who live in your neighborhood. Dr. Smith often consults with potential patients who live out-of-state by using Skype or FaceTime.

More than any other part of your revision surgery, finding a qualified expert is key. Make sure that you feel confident in their abilities and comfortable with their personality, and verify that they’ve performed many successful revision rhinoplasties.

As your disappointing results have shown, rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult types of plastic surgery to perform well. While it may not be any comfort, you’re not alone in feeling distressed about your nose job: The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that about 15% of women, men, and teens who undergo rhinoplasty request a revision.

Your nose is a complex structure that contains different types of tissues: cartilage, bone, and skin. The nose has delicate curves and planes that must be preserved or enhanced to ensure good results. Your plastic surgeon also has to be skilled in the tissue-quality and structural differences among different ethnicities to give you the right nose for your face.

In addition to the nose’s inherently complicated structure, your revision rhinoplasty surgeon has to deal with the presence of scar tissue. Because your nose already underwent major surgery, your skin quality and that of the deeper tissues is compromised by scarring, which makes reshaping your nose and fine-tuning details a more demanding task.

An expert revision rhinoplasty surgeon takes the pattern of your scarring, as well as any abnormalities that arose during your first surgery, into account when planning your revision. Dr. Smith’s aim is for his revision rhinoplasty to be the last surgery your nose ever needs. Dr. Smith’s training as a craniofacial surgeon in addition to his specialized aesthetic surgery training provides him with a unique skillset to approach the most complex rhinoplasty problems.

If your surgeon didn’t successfully support the bridge of your nose, for example, Dr. Smith may take cartilage grafts from another area of your body to restore your nose. A short nasal bridge is an important issue that less experienced surgeons may have trouble addressing when performing rhinoplasty on non-Caucasian noses. As a New York City-based surgeon, Dr. Smith has experience reconstructing and beautifying many noses across ethnicities.

You can get the nose you want

Once you find an expert aesthetic plastic surgeon, be sure you’re clear about the improvements you want. Dr. Smith rectifies common nose job problems, such as:

He also addresses any cosmetic concerns that weren’t effectively managed the first time, including:

Dr. Smith makes sure that your revision rhinoplasty creates a nose that matches your facial type and shape, is harmonious with your other features, and is in line with your desired aesthetic outcome. While a poor rhinoplasty outcome is distressing, help is available. To find out more about revision rhinoplasty, call our office or contact Dr. Smith using our online form.

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